One Lovely Blog Award

One Lovely Blog Award


Ch’kara SilverWolf has nominated me for the One Lovely Blog Award along with 15 other fabulous bloggers.  It is an honor to be thought of by someone with your talent.  Thank you so much, Ch’kara.

Here are the rules for accepting the award:

1.  Thank the lovely person who nominated your blog and follow them.
2.  Display the award and add this set of rules to your post so that your nominees will know what to do
3.  Nominate as many other great blogs as you like, listing them in your post and notifying them via a link in one of their blog posts.
4.  List 7 interesting facts about yourself to the post.

7 Facts About Me : 

  1. I am a Celtic Solitary Practitioner. Somewhere I need to add a Hereditary Witch but running it altogether sounds a little strange.
  2. My favorite past time activity is playing with my pups or is it them playing with me.
  3. My favorite foods are ham & turkey sandwiches, and home-made coke floats. I really don’t like to cook. I do occasionally get an urge to and break down and do.
  4. I don’t have the time to read books off-line. So all the reading I do is online books or articles. How times change.
  5. I am an enchantress. I have always had to ability to communicate and make a connection to animals both domestic and wild.
  6. I grew up in the hills of Kentucky. Then at a very early age, I was transplanted to Western Ky. Beautiful state whether in the hills or at the tip of it.
  7. I made a commitment to the Goddess along time ago to spread Her religion throughout the world. Thanks to WordPress that is happening.

Bloggers That I Am Nominating


Thank you again, Ch’kara. It is an honor to receive this award from you. As I mentioned before I admire you greatly so this is definitely an honor. Thank you again, dear sister!