The Witches Magick for August 10th – A Charm for Eternal Youth


A Charm for Eternal Youth

Go to a grove of pines, when the moon is new, and in the earth beneath their boughs inscribe a circle, wide as you are tall. Lie down within it, your arms extended to meet the circle’s rim, and saying these words:

The ancient pine
Is evergreen
The crescent moon
May never wane
The circle bound
Is ever round
And so my life
As light and leaf

Pluck three needles of pine from a green branch, take them home, and wind them tightly round about with a hair from your head and a long green thread. Keep this charm beside your bed, that you may dream of eternity, and each night before you sleep, repeat the words that have conjured youth from the enchanted grove. Ever after, you should wear some token of green-jade, emerald, or other stone, ornament, or article of clothing-in honor of this fair spell now threaded through your life.