A Little Humor for Your Day – Oreo™ Cookie Divination

Oreo™ Cookie Divination



You will need a package of Oreo Cookies … the cheap imitation sandwich cookies are an insult to the Goddess! … enough for everyone to have at least three. Milk is good, but optional.

  • Take a cookie in your hand.
  • Ask the cookie a question. A “yes or no” question is best.
  • Put your intent on the cookie, e.g. hold the cookie in your left hand, cover it with your right, and hold it for 13 seconds.
  • Using both hands, take the cookie apart (straight pull or twisting deosil), with one side in the left hand and one side in the right.

Reading the “creme filling”

  • If the creme filling is full on the right side cookie, the answer is “yes”, or a positive outcome, or wish will come true.
  • If the creme filling is full on the left side cookie, the answer is “no”, or negative outcome, or wish won’t come true.
  • If the creme is mostly on the right, the answer would be mainly positive.
  • Vise versa on the left cookie.
  • If the creme is on both cookies in a pattern, shape, split, chunks falling off, etc, you may interpret the creme filling in however manner you feel comfortable with.

You can also interpret the creme as moon phases: The full creme on right side is full moon, left side new moon….different phases can be interpreted by different splits in the creme. There are many other possible ways to interpret these cookies. Go with what feels right for you.


Of course, you must eat the cookie afterward to honor the Goddess. If you want to dunk your cookie, do so after the divination. Mushy cookies don’t separate well.


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