August 7 – Daily Feast

August 7 – Daily Feast

Coming home is near to being a gift of the spirit. Hours have passed and duty has been performed. It is the hour of return – the hour when the circle is completed and coming home is the hour of grace. Sometimes the circle is just a little one – a time of going out and coming back. It doesn’t take long. But years can lie between the going out and the coming back. It is the innate compulsion in an Indian to return to his beginnings – the essential completion of going back. Indeed, of coming home. And he can hear the voices, catch the fragrances, and feel the presence of his forebears and it is a thing of grace that renews and restores his spirit.

~ When I look upon you I know you are all big chiefs. ~


‘A Cherokee Feast of Days, Volume II’ by Joyce Sequichie Hifler