Handy Love Potions to Have On Hand


Handy Love Potions to Have On Hand

Come To Me Lover Oil

Jasmine absolute
Rose attar
Neroli or essential oil of petitgrain
Gardenia absolute (or fragrance oil)
Tuberose absolute

Blend the above into apricot kernel or sweet almond oil. This is the most deluxe love-drawing oil. The ingredients are extremely expensive. It is not required that all of them be used, although the first three are fairly standard. The substitution of petitgrain for neroli will keep the costs down.



Amor Oil

Place a balm of Gilean bud and a piece of coral inside a bottle
Cover these with sweet almond and jojoba oils

Add a few drops of either petitgrain or neroli essential oil plus a drop of tangerine essential oil
Add a bit of ground cinnamon or one drop of essential oil of the cinnamon leaf.


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  1. About ”come to me lover oil”,I need it quiqly and I only have rose essential oil and also rose absolute; is it possible to replace jasmin and neroli and the other oils with something else that I already have in the house, like Ylang Ylang,Vetiver,Lavande and Patchouli , all essential oils? Thank you


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