A Little Humor for Your Day – You Know You’re A Techno Witch If…

You Know You’re A Techno Witch If…

1. You’ve candle wax in between the keys on your keyboard.
2. You cast your circles in Photoshop or CorelDraw.
3. Your altar is done in 3D.
4. Your favourite book is Zen and the Art of CGI Programming.
5. You firmly believe in Virtual Memory.
6. You begin focusing by typing in < CENTER >.
7. Your entire BOS is on disks.
8. You are aware of disturbances on the net.
9. You can become one with the computer. It is a living thing.
10. As a Windows user, you have had in depth conversations with CyberLoki.
11. You paint pentacles on the tops of all your CD’s to offer them extra protection.
12. You use ICQ as an oracle.
13. Gods and Goddesses send you emails in your dreams.
14. You hold weekly rituals on IRC.
15. You inscribe magickal runes and symbols on your computer monitor with your finger. This is especially powerful when your monitor is dusty.
16. Numerology is interpretted differently by each techno witch and relates to how much email you receive in one day.
17. You channel energy from your mouse and outwards, towards the arrow on your screen.
18. Divination by computer hum.
19. Releasement rituals entail writing lengthy rants to email discussion lists. You are purified of negativity when you receive forgiveness for doing so.
20. Beauty spells involve scanning in pictures of yourself and altering them to the way you want to look.

Astronomy Picture of the Day – USA’s Northeast Megalopolis from Space

Astronomy Picture of the Day

Discover the cosmos! Each day a different image or photograph of our fascinating universe is featured, along with a brief explanation written by a professional astronomer.

2016 February 24

USA’s Northeast Megalopolis from Space
Image Credit: NASA, International Space Station

Explanation: Can you identify a familiar area in the northeast USA just from nighttime lights? It might be possible because many major cities are visible, including (right to left) New York, Philadelphia, Baltimore, Washington, Richmond andNorfolk — Boston of the USA’s Northeast megalopolis is not pictured. The featured image was taken in 2012 from the International Space Station. In the foreground are two Russian cargo ships with prominent solar panels. This Northeast megalopolis of the USA contains almost 20 percent of the people of the USA but only about 2 percent of the land area. Also known also as the Northeast Corridor and part of the Eastern Seaboard, about 10 percent of the world’s largest companies are headquartered here. The near continuity of the lights seem to add credence to the 1960s-era prediction that the entire stretch is evolving into one continuous city.

Earth Sky News for February 24: Zodiacal light glowing pyramid after dark

Zodiacal light glowing pyramid after dark

Moonless evenings in February, March and April present the best time of year to see zodiacal light in the Northern Hemisphere evening sky. Meanwhile, from the Southern Hemisphere, the zodiacal light is best seen before dawn during these months of the year. The light appears when the evening twilight has left the sky (about 80 to 120 minutes after sunset). It looks like a hazy pyramid of light in the west after true darkness falls.

This light can be noticeable and easy to see from latitudes like those in the southern U.S. I’ve seen it many times from the latitude of southern Texas, sometimes while driving a lonely highway far from city lights, up to one hour or so after evening dusk leaves the sky. In that case, the zodiacal light can resemble the lights of a city or town just over the horizon.

Skywatchers in the northern U.S. or Canada sometimes say wistfully that they’ve never seen the zodiacal light. But on February 6, 2013 – on our Facebook page – we received the beautiful photo above from Jim Peacock in northern Wisconsin. He captured the zodiacal light over Lake Superior. Sometimes the camera will pick up faint objects that the eye can’t see. But Jim said this northern Wisconsin zodiacal light was visible to the eye. He said:

Yes, it was very visible to the eye … it reached high above the horizon. Was so cool to see over Lake Superior.

You definitely do need a dark sky location to see the zodiacal light, someplace where city lights aren’t obscuring the natural lights in the sky. Remember, the zodiacal light is a pyramid-shaped glow in the west after dark. It’s even “milkier” in appearance than the starlit trail of the summer Milky Way. It’s most visible after dusk at this time of year because (as seen from the Northern Hemisphere) theecliptic – or path of the sun, moon, and planets – stands nearly straight up with respect to the horizon after the sun sets in February and March

The zodiacal light can be seen for up to an hour after dusk. Unlike twilight dusk, though, there’s no rosy color to the zodiacal light. The reddish skies at dusk and dawn are caused by Earth’s atmosphere, and the zodiacal light originates far outside our atmosphere. When you see the zodiacal light, you are looking edgewise into the plane of our own solar system. The zodiacal light is actually sunlight reflecting off dust particles that move in the same plane as Earth and the other planets orbiting our sun.

Remember, if you live in the Southern Hemisphere, your late winter/early spring months (August, September, October) are the best time for you to see the zodiacal light in the evening. Right now (February, March, April), you should be looking for the zodiacal light before dawn.

Bottom line: From the Northern Hemisphere, on a moonless night, try to find the elusive zodiacal light. It looks like a hazy pyramid of light extending up from the place where the sun went down. Meanwhile, in the Southern Hemisphere now, the zodiacal light is best before dawn.



Deborah Byrd

Your Daily Influences for February 24th

Your Daily Influences
February 24th, 2016


Ace of Pentacles
Prosperity, pleasure and beauty can be realized.











Berkano is the Rune of birth and rebirth. This may symbolize a time when you are capable of great personal growth. Love may be in the air as well.





Scorpio the Scorpion
This aspect of your life will be strongly influenced by a person who is determined, forceful, emotional, intuitive, powerful, passionate, exciting and magnetic. This person is probably an acquaintance you made at work.







Your Daily Influences represent events and challenges the current day will present for you. They may represent opportunities you should be ready to seize. Or they may forewarn you of problems you may be able to avoid or lessen. Generally it is best to use them as tips to help you manage your day and nothing more.

Your Three Dragons Reading for Wednesday, February 24th

Your Three Dragons Reading for Today

The Dragon Reading creates a relationship between sets of tiles to each Dragon to explore how the Three Dragons will influence you now and in the near future.



The Red Dragon represents success, achievement and fulfillment. The three tiles under the Red Dragon tile will influence the power your Red Dragon currently has in your life





The Green Dragon indicates beginnings. The Green Dragon’s tile set will suggest places where you should consider putting your energy.





The White Dragon is indeed a wily fellow. His domain is the great unknown, and the tile set under him suggests an area or areas that could affect your life in unexpected ways.