A Little Humor for Your Day – You Know You’re A Techno Witch If…

You Know You’re A Techno Witch If…

1. You’ve candle wax in between the keys on your keyboard.
2. You cast your circles in Photoshop or CorelDraw.
3. Your altar is done in 3D.
4. Your favourite book is Zen and the Art of CGI Programming.
5. You firmly believe in Virtual Memory.
6. You begin focusing by typing in < CENTER >.
7. Your entire BOS is on disks.
8. You are aware of disturbances on the net.
9. You can become one with the computer. It is a living thing.
10. As a Windows user, you have had in depth conversations with CyberLoki.
11. You paint pentacles on the tops of all your CD’s to offer them extra protection.
12. You use ICQ as an oracle.
13. Gods and Goddesses send you emails in your dreams.
14. You hold weekly rituals on IRC.
15. You inscribe magickal runes and symbols on your computer monitor with your finger. This is especially powerful when your monitor is dusty.
16. Numerology is interpretted differently by each techno witch and relates to how much email you receive in one day.
17. You channel energy from your mouse and outwards, towards the arrow on your screen.
18. Divination by computer hum.
19. Releasement rituals entail writing lengthy rants to email discussion lists. You are purified of negativity when you receive forgiveness for doing so.
20. Beauty spells involve scanning in pictures of yourself and altering them to the way you want to look.