Another Personal Magickal Request – Binding a Lawyer from Action

Binding A Lawyer from Action

Materials Required: One wax figure of the person, if possible incorporate some hair or nail clippings from the person(if not available, simply write the lawyer’s name on the candle). One long hemp cord.

Instructions: Carve the person’s name into the wax figure while saying:

“This is the body of [Person’s name].
What becomes of it, will become of them.”
Take the string in your hand and begin tying knots in it, while saying the following:
“I bind you from [insert action].”
Do this 13 times, and then tie it around the figure. Then say the following 3 times:
“I bind you from (insert action).
It is done.”

Augustus Numley, 101 Curses

The Witches Magick for Wednesday, February 10th (Personal Request) Simple Money Spell


Simple Money Spell

You need to collect one white candle and a green candle. Now anoint each candle with oil. As you do this concentrate on how you want money to come to you.

Place the candles on a table exactly 9 inches apart and Recite these words.

“Money, money you must
come to me
In great abundance
three times three
May I be enriched in all
great ways
Harming no one money is
on its way
This I speak and so mote it be
Bring me abundance of
money three times three!”

Cast this spell for nine days. Each and every day move the green candle one inch closer to the white candle. When the green candle reaches and touches the white candle the spell is done.

Douglas Hensley, A Book Of Magic Spells And Hexes

bookLittle Known Magickal Tips that Actually Work – To Protect Your Money


Little Known Magickal Tips that Actually Work

To Protect Your Money


-Calamus Root (Sweet Flag)

Bury the Calamus root at every corner of your property. After its covered sprinkle a handful of cinnamon over the area to protect your money and make sure it doesn’t flow quickly away from your household.

Deran Gray, Gray’s Pocket Book of Hoodoo Spells for Wealth and Prosperity: (Gray’s Pocket Book Series Book 5)




After a few attempt at drawing and grounding energy, we have a better idea of the similarities and differences, as well as how we interact with each type of energy. Now, we need to practice shaping and moving it.

Start by pulling personal energy into your dominant hand. Then hold your hands palms facing each other, about three inches apart. Send the energy from the dominant hand and receiving it with the non-dominant hand. Allow it to flow back into your center creating a loop of energy. Trying varying the distance between your hands. Try to decrease the energy to a trickle. Try to dial it up a little more than you have before if you feel confident controlling it.

Center and stabilize the energy.

Try the same exercises sending the energy with your non-dominant hand and receiving it with you dominant one.

After a few sessions of sending and receiving, it’s time to try shaping and molding the energy.

Pull personal energy into your dominant hand, holding it palm facing non-dominant hand. Instead of receiving it this time, use your hands to shape the energy into a ball. Expand it or contract it. Spin it. Toss it from hand to hand. When you’re done, allow the energy to be absorbed, centered and stabilized. Next time, try creating a square or other simple shape with the energy. Then try it with the other two types of energy.

Once you feel confident, try various combinations of energies. Pull earth energy and allow it to pool with your personal energy before sending it into your hand. When done with the exercises, do the same but with divine energy. Pull both earth and divine energy and have them both flow into your hand to work, bypassing your personal energy as much as possible. Finally, pull both divine and earth energy and let it mingle with your personal energy before practicing.

Ashlyn Hawthorne, Wiccan Basics: Solitary Suburban Pagan Guide




We connect to divine energy in a very similar way to how we call on earth energy. Begin with centering and anchoring to the earth. Once stable, focus on the top of your head and feel the energy there, sort of like sunlight shining down on your head. Open yourself to it. Often, you will feel it flow down your neck and spine. Repeat the exercises with your dominant and non-dominant hand.

After you’ve finished, you’ll need to ground the energy the same way you did with the earth energy.

As before, note how it feels in comparison to the energies you’ve already worked with.

Ashlyn Hawthorne, Wiccan Basics: Solitary Suburban Pagan Guide




Start by centering and grounding, the same way as with personal energy. (We won’t be calling on personal energy directly in this exercise, but we will use it to ground, and we’ll also call on slightly to help direct the earth energy.)

Once you feel strongly anchored in the earth, see the connection thicken and strengthen a bit more. Feel the energy of the earth. Invite it to move up your anchor and into your body. Feel its movement as you draw it into your dominant hand and repeat the same exercise as you performed with personal energy. Then move the earth power to your non-dominant hand.

Note how the earth energy feels. How it’s the same and how it’s different from the personal energy in order to add it to your journal later.

When you’re done, send the energy back down through your body, along your anchor and ground it into the earth.

Don’t try to hold on to the earth energy. It can make you feel light-headed, ill or out of sorts.

Return your attention to your center, calming your own energy. Then release your anchor and allow your consciousness to return to normal.

Ashlyn Hawthorne, Wiccan Basics: Solitary Suburban Pagan Guide




When connecting with personal energy, we have to understand where, exactly, our own power comes from. We have to start by asking ourselves where we feel energy and emotion in times of intensity. Most feel it somewhere in the center of our body. The chest, the solar plexus, or the stomach.

Once we locate our personal energy center, we have to center ourselves. Start by concentrating on that spot and focus on keeping your awareness there. Breathe in and out, practicing extending the time when we can hold our concentration.

Next, we have to ground ourselves, anchoring our mental and emotional ‘bodies’ in place. Some people imagine tree roots connecting them to the earth beneath them, others see a line of energy. Choose whatever image feels sturdy and substantial to you. Once feeling anchored and secure, go back to your energy center and make sure your focus there is still strong.

Now, see that energy seeping/flowing/stretching/weaving itself out from the center and making its way to your dominant arm. Feel the warmth/tingle/movement as it expands. Allow it to pool in your dominant hand. Stretch out your fingers to expand it. Curl them back to condense. After getting comfortable with it for a few minutes, focus again on your center and pull the energy back until it has all returned to your energy center.

Repeat the same steps, but let the energy move into your non-dominant side. This may or may not be more difficult. It may feel different. Make a mental note of it while you’re experiencing it and write it in your journal later. Pull the energy back.

Once with this exercise, your energy center may feel larger or more active. Focus on calming it back to the way it felt when you first connected with it. You may need to ground some of the energy along roots, releasing it into the earth. Once you feel centered and stable, disconnect from the earth, allow your consciousness to release its focus on your energy center and return to normal awareness.

Ashlyn Hawthorne, Wiccan Basics: Solitary Suburban Pagan Guide

Energy Is All Around Us


Energy Is All Around Us

We have to have strong focus in order to work with the energies around us. We need strong mental skills to sense, draw, shape, and direct energy. There are multiple types of energy around us all the time, but it’s easiest to look at the ones we use the most as falling into three categories:

Personal energy-energy that comes from within us.

Divine energy—energy that comes from the deities or other parts of the spirit world.

Earth energy-energy that we can draw from the aspects of nature around us, both in the ground beneath our feet and in objects drawn from nature like flowers, stones or wood.

Ashlyn Hawthorne, Wiccan Basics: Solitary Suburban Pagan Guide

A Little Humor for Your Day – Top Ten Reasons Athames are Black

Top Ten Reasons Athames are Black


10. So they’ll go with any color robe.
9. So you can cover up nicks and scratches with shoe polish.
8. It’s slimming (can’t have fat Athames can we???)
7. It doesn’t show dirt.
6. Because finding a dropped Athame in an outdoor ritual in the dark is a test of loyalty to your faith.
5. It’s so much more dignified than chartreuse.
4. Seemed like a good idea at the time.
3. Someone spilled all the paints together and that’s what ended up as the result.
2. No! No! Black is for winter ritual – use white before Labor Day!!!
1. So that we’d have something to argue about other than how “athame” is pronounced!!!

Astronomy Picture of the Day – Gravitational Waves from Merging Black Holes

Astronomy Picture of the Day

Discover the cosmos! Each day a different image or photograph of our fascinating universe is featured, along with a brief explanation written by a professional astronomer.

2016 February 11

LIGO Detects Gravitational Waves from Merging Black Holes
Illustration Credit: LIGO, NSF, Aurore Simonnet (Sonoma State U.)


Explanation: Gravitational radiation has been directly detected. The first-ever detection was made by both facilities of the Laser Interferometer Gravitational-Wave Observatory (LIGO) in Washington and Louisiana simultaneously last September. After numerous consistency checks, the resulting 5-sigma discovery was published today. The measured gravitational waves match those expected from two large black holes merging after a death spiral in a distant galaxy, with the resulting new black hole momentarily vibrating in a rapid ringdown. A phenomenon predicted by Einstein, the historic discovery confirms a cornerstone of humanity’s understanding of gravity and basic physics. It is also the most direct detection of black holes ever. The featured illustration depicts the two merging black holes with the signal strength of the two detectors over 0.3 seconds superimposed across the bottom. Expected future detections by Advanced LIGO and other gravitational wave detectors may not only confirm the spectacular nature of this measurement but hold tremendous promise of giving humanity a new way to see and explore our universe.

Earth Sky News for Feb. 11th: Mercury and Venus close before sunrise

Mercury and Venus close before sunrise

Technically speaking, Mercury and Venus will not have a conjunction this month. However, these two worlds will be staging a quasi-conjunction from about February 11 to 15, 2016. A quasi-conjunction is said to take place whenever two planets come to within 5o of each other on the sky’s dome, yet do not align north and south of one another.

Before attempting to spot Mercury near Venus, get up about 80 minutes before the sun to view four of the five planets: Venus, Saturn, Mars and Jupiter. Venus, the sky’s brightest planet will be quite close to the horizon – or on the verge of rising. Mercury will follow Venus into the brightening morning twilight an hour or so before sunrise.

At their closest, Mercury and Venus are 4o apart on February 13, 2016. For reference, the width of one finger at an arm length approximates 2o of sky, so these two worlds will be about two finger-widths apart for the next several days.

Binoculars often have a field of view (FOV) of about 5o, so Mercury and Venus may well fit within a single binocular field for several days. Starting an hour or so before sunrise, aim your binoculars at dazzling Venus to spot nearby Mercury.

By the way, all five naked-eye planets should be yours to behold in the morning sky, as long as you can view Mercury.

Bottom line: Starting an hour or so before sunrise – from February 11 to 15, 2016 – aim your binoculars at dazzling Venus before dawn to spot Mercury nearby.