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Balance in Our Life

I know I have posted before about how important balance in all things in our lives is important. The reason I am doing another post on this topic is I have lost it in my life but am working hard to regain it. I have been working seven days a week at two part-time jobs for about a month, doing posts on here, answering emails from students and want to be students, taking care of two of my grandsons at least one morning a week before work, household chores, leading coven circles, and the list can go on. Nowhere in there is time for just me to really relax, do a ritual on my own, visit with friends and family in person or by phone, in other words, my scales are tipped towards doing things for others. Starting tomorrow I will have every Tuesday off and…

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5 thoughts on “A Thought for Today

  1. Lady Beltane do you know of the spirit world not the ghost realm the spirit world that people on earth have been able to contact i need help with some things concerning it.


    1. The spirit world is where ghosts dwell.Most people on Earth have the ability somewhat to contact those who have crossed to the spirit world, but there are some that cannot get through the veil. Earthbound spirits can either be easier to contact or harder depending on why they stayed Earthbound.


      1. I know about that but do you no of the well I call it the spirit world but I don’t know what it’s actually called it swear this world is where everything exist that you can imagine kind of but I’m having trouble contacting it and I mean and all the gods there’s literally everything I know it’s an odd question I know you might not be able to answer it but if you can find someone that knows of this please help me find them cuz I need to contact them


  2. May you find the strength to do what you need to do, which by the way is a lot. I guess we all need you but you need your self more. Thanks for all that you teach us. Blessed be!


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