What A Glorious & Beautiful Autumn Morn’ The Goddess Has Blessed Us With!

Autumn Comments & Graphics


Our Goddess has changed from
mother to crone.
She holds all our knowledge and wisdom
Her insight radiates from her to us
Her consort, our God is present
He prepares for death then
This cycle will continue
As the fields empty
Our homes are filled with the
As we wait for the second harvest.
We watch the beauty of the land
Red, orange, maroon, brown and
gold fill the forest
Day and night are equal
balance between the two
Light and dark maintained
We feel the cold as it creeps into
our homes.
Our altars are prepared, covered
with pine cones, acorns.
We wear stones of sapphire
Their brilliance dances around the
Vines of ivy flow
Horns of plenty overflow
We give thanks for our bounty
We share our Blessings with the
We share our Blessings with the
We share our bounty with our
We have cleansed our home
We have prepared ourselves
The hearth is cleaned and prepped
Logs of alder and ash are afire.
The cauldron boils with potatoes,
carrots and onions
Aroma from honeysuckle, myrrh,
rose and sage fill our homes
A call to gather has been heard
We gather to celebrate
Sisters stand hand in hand
Candles light our space
We bow before she who is present
We accept her love and protection
Whispers of prayers can be heard
Each of us ask for her Blessings
We know that she will bless us
For we follow her path
We follow her grace
The yearly cycle is ending
We look forward to the renewal of
We share wine and the bounty of
the earth
We close our night with prayer
We close our night in harmony
with all
As Witches we belong to all that is
We belong to all that will be
Blessed Be

A Witch’s Prayerbook
JoAnne Spiese