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We were talking about our basic beliefs in our different traditions. When we got right down to it, we all believed in the Ways of Old. There is that basic teaching in all of us. We were all taught Mabon/Fall Equinox was celebrated on September 21st.

It seems like now days our celebration of Mabon has changed. Who changed it and why? I know every time a Sabbat comes up, you hear the same thing from me. I am also defending why we celebrate our Sabbats on a certain day. We celebrate them on the dates our ancestors celebrated them. This is our core belief.

Why someone who didn’t know a thing about our practices or religion would go and change our holiest of days, is beyond me. These individuals have us celebrating Mabon anywhere from September 21 to September 23. It seems someone has tampered with our celebrations. I have my own opinion on the matter but we won’t get into that. Our point is simple, these people knew nothing about our religious belief or practices. Since they knew nothing, they should have left all our Sabbats alone. I don’t see any practitioners trying to tell other dominations when to celebrate Easter or Christmas. Do you?

All we want is for our celebrations of the Sabbats to be left alone. For us to return to the Ways of Old. The ancient ones founded our religion and we have to maintain their practices. It is passed down from generation to generation. Our beliefs are our own. No one has the right to meddle in our affairs, let alone our religious practices.

I know it has to be confusing to those new to the Craft. Just think how we feel when we are celebrating our Sabbats on their appropriate date and every where you turn, you are getting a different date to celebrate.

It is a known fact, that certain groups have tried to destroy our religion and beliefs. They have meddled in our practices for centuries. They have lied on us, twisted our practices, and even went so far to kill those who would not back down from their faith and their Goddess.

We must and we shall rewrite our history. That is why it is so very important that we continue to spread our word and our beliefs. We have to bring the Craft back to its rightful place in mainstream religion. Only then, will the truth about us be known. Most importantly, we will write our own history. Who better to do it than those who know it.

I am sorry I had to get off on this subject but I don’t appreciate people meddling in our affairs. We are very tolerant of other religions. We respect other religions. We would never consider doing some of the things that have been done to our beliefs. All we want is to be able to tell the truth about witches & witchcraft and correct the mistakes that have been taught about us.

We hope you have a very blessed Mabon,
Till tomorrow,
Love & Hugs,
Lady of the Abyss & The WOTC Staff

4 thoughts on “One last thought

  1. I know how you feel. Imagine Samhain being on November 1st or the 2nd? Is that next. I know that Mabon is a minor Sabbat and Samhain is a greater Sabbat so is this why people are trying or actually changing the date for Mabon?


    1. Unfortunately, it seems to happen every time one of our Sabbats rolls around, whether it is a greater or lesser Sabbat. I personally like the part about all we know about Mabon came from a monk, huh? I am sure he was very familiar with our religion, yeah right. Why they do it, I don’t know. Some people just like to stick their nose in where it doesn’t belong. Others like to create havoc and confusion. If you run across a religion or tradition that one person is saying this and another is saying that, then you run across other conflicting doctrine, would you want to join that religion/tradition? No, I wouldn’t either. I honestly believe our history has been meddled in to confuse people, to deter people from becoming interested in our faith and most of us to just destroy it. Destroying another religion is beyond my understanding. I would never attempt to do that to any religion. But history shows that the things people do not understand, they destroy.

      We have been around for centuries. Our doctrine has withstood the test of time. We are moving forward at a very fast pace thanks to the Goddess. I know there are individuals that do not want to see The Craft ever come back to mainstream religion. They don’t understand us and are scared of us. They won’t take the time to learn the truth. Instead, the only recourse they have is to meddle in our beliefs and traditions. Hoping that they meddle enough it will deter people from even considering Witchcraft as a religion of their own. If that doesn’t work then they would as soon as destroy us as look at us. Thankfully there are enough of us now, that our religion and practices will survive. We will take a stand against those who are ignorant and oppose us and eventually we will be able to correct all the misinformation that has been spread.


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