Ten Questions To Ask Yourself Before Initiation Into the Craft

Ten Questions To Ask Yourself Before Initiation Into the Craft


Check list for a solitary practician thinking of the first degree… Ten questions you should ask yourself…..


OK, you have been at this for a year and a day. That is a long time, right? Long enough for you to know if you want to continue on this journey of the spirit. During this time you have seen all the seasons pass, the wheel has made one full turn. You should have celebrated all the Sabbats possible and as many of the Esbats that you could. You have read many books and learned a lot; so now it is time to review what you have learned on the first lap of your journey into the hidden world of the Craft of the Wise.


Review time, time to put it all into perspective before moving on. Are you ready for initiation? Only you know how well you have mastered the material, how well you are doing. It is all on your shoulders, are you ready for the responsibility of the first degree as a Priest/Priestess and Witch?


1.) How would you define Witchcraft? How would you define Wicca? What would you say if asked? Are you able to discuss the history of the Craft and how Wicca relates to Magick?


2.) Upon what premise does the moral foundation of the Wicca rest? Do you consider yourself a practician of the dark arts or the white or light magickal arts? Why do you think this?


03.) Explain what is ment by divination. Explain what is meant by the following terms: aura reading, palomancy, crystalomancy, magick mirror, runecasting, I ching? Have you found a favorite method of divination? What is this method? Have you become skilled at this, and how skilled? Do you consider yourself a Master of the Art? Are you practicing this form of divination for yourself and others on a regular basis, and if not, why not?


04.) Are you thoroughly familiar with some form of the healing arts? What do you know about the following: color or sound therapy, aromatharapy, herbal healing? Which of these have you studied enough to have become quite familiar with the healing art? Are you a Master of the Art? Do you intend to become a Master? Have you begun your hand-written herbal or other log of your healing practice?


05.) Have you accumulated all your magickal tools? How many of these tools have you made? What was given to you? Why did this object become a part of your magickal collection? Are these tools all consecrated? This should be done before you consider initiation. Are you knowledgeable enough about the uses of all these tools and/or weapons to be able to explain their uses to another?


06.) If someone, a friend perhaps, comes to you for help in the following areas, can you help them? The areas might be love, health, wealth, protection, uncrossing, legal aid, self-help or development. Could you devise a spell to help him or her? Could you include all the proper correspondences, talismans, stones, crystals, candles? Would you be able to cast the spell during the correct phase of the Moon, the most auspicious day of the week and hour of the day? Have you kept accurate records of your magickal work in your Book of Shadows or hand-written Magickal Diary? If not, why not?


07.) Are you able to perform the Cabalistic Cross, Middle Pillar, Lesser Banishing and the Lesser Invoking Pentagram Rituals? Do you do these regularly enough so any can be done without looking them up in a book? Are you keeping a dream diary? Have you begun your personal hand-written Book of Shadows?


08.) Are you familiar enough with any of the Pentagram Rituals to explain them to others?


09.) Have you composed at least two complete Sabbat rituals and a full or new Moon ritual, incorporating all the proper correspondences; astrological timing, proper god and goddess forms for the particular ritual, the correct candles, scents, invocations, etc?


10.) Can you explain why Wicca is important to you and why you wish to become a Witch and Wiccan? When you have mastered the above with confidence you are ready for an initiation into the first degree. You will be as knowledgeable if not more so, as any coven witch and more knowledgeable than nearly any hedge witch. Congratulations, you are ready for the big step, the step that will change your life forever, more so than even your dedication of your life to the God and Goddess.

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