Scanning the Planets: Mercury Moves Into Libra

Mercury in Libra

Kindness comes easy with mental Mercury in the sign of the Scales

Communication planet Mercury moves into fair and sociable Libra on August 27, 2015, putting us in a much gentler frame of mind than we’ve been in since Mercury moved into critical Virgo at the beginning of the month.

Mental Mercury becomes so much more fair-minded while in airy Libra that we can’t help but communicate our thoughts more effectively, see everyone’s differing points of view, and generally just get along better with others.

If your thinking has been too sharp for the past few weeks and it’s been causing trouble in personal relationships, things should become more peaceful now. This is a time for honesty and patience and soft-spoken words, so we all have a much better chance of being heard and understood.

In fact, if you’ve had any misunderstandings or fights, or if you’re holding a long-term grudge with someone, this is a good time to resolve it. Libra loves to build bridges and connect us with each other, so it’s truly possible you’ll be better able to overcome your differences during this time.

One challenge of this kind transit is the tendency to be too nice. Can one ever be too nice, you ask? Well, yes, when it interferes with being truthful. Don’t sugar coat things or withhold just to avoid rocking the boat. Speak the truth while Mercury is in Libra, because even if you disagree with someone during this time, they’ll get where you’re coming from. is a Daily Insight Group Site