Mysticism’s Effect Upon The World

Mysticism’s Effect Upon The World

Author: Stewart Bitkoff  

Q: Is the completed person, one who has achieved God Consciousness, a God? This is what some traditions claim. Can you clarify this point?

Since I have heard of the world of Love,
I’ve spent my life, my heart
And my eyes this way.
I used to think that Love
And Beloved are different.
I know they are the same.
~ Rumi

First, we must discuss limitations on our discussion. The claims of different traditions have to be viewed from within that tradition. It is very difficult for an observer to understand or fully comprehend what is operating unless the observer has first hand experience; we operate under the assumption that all faiths are true at a certain level.

Also, it is very difficult to put into words a spiritual state, or a spiritual level that one has not yet attained. However, useful comparisons may be made. Last, we must take into account historical perspective. When each of the great faiths was initiated and when the title of ‘god’ was conferred, the term may have meant something a little different than what it means today in our monotheistic culture. Many cultures acknowledge the existence of spiritual entities that govern plants, forests, and mountains. In these traditions, there are different levels of ‘gods’ and ‘gods’ for natural phenomena.

With our strides in science and present focus upon exploration of self and religion, we are beginning to understand some of these miraculous ‘phenomena’ as extensions of natural laws. Interestingly enough, that is what the wise ones have always said concerning their ‘miracles.’

The outcome of all mystery traditions and human development systems is the completed person. In some traditions, these spiritually developed individuals are called Buddha, Sadhu, and enlightened one, servant of God, saint, witch, mystic, or heretic. Yet, what each of these people has in common is they have achieved a level of spiritual development, which in the context of their faith, is extraordinary. Along with this level of spiritual development are capacities that appear miraculous, simply because they are not understood. Yet, the person who uses these capacities, when questioned, describes them as extensions of natural laws, which they intuitively and purposefully direct to carry out higher functions.

Also, part of the confusion surrounding this issue comes about due to specific statements made by individuals who were deemed highly spiritually developed. Some of these statements were termed heretical and people were executed for making them.

Part of the mystical path, is a state, called annihilation. In this state, the worldly consciousness is annihilated or destroyed and the spirit is unified (unification occurs-another state) and briefly becomes one with Truth/God. In this state, should the person speak and sometimes the energy is so strong and joyous, they assert out loud, “I Am The Way.” Or “I Am The Truth.”

When this happens, it is not the person speaking, but the spirit or energy that is moving through them, asserting itself. This energy is the Logos, or Spirit of God; for this energy, or Light, is the binding force of the universe and is the Way and the Truth. It is suggested that Jesus, in part, was killed for making this statement. Similarly, a Muslim Saint, Al-Hallaj was disemboweled for making this claim.

From our perspective, that which is greater than the universe is different than that which enters it and is created. Although a part of God is in everyone, no matter how well advanced a spiritual entity; we are not the Creator or the same as the Creator.

Some traditions assert the Logos takes on a human form to carry out its mission. Perhaps, this is true and this is a wonderful event, however, is this the same as the Creator entering the world of forms? Each must come to a decision about this on their own, and, it is suggested, the event be viewed within the context of the specific faith asserting this.

Q: What is mysticism?

All creation is calling upon God. You cannot hear or see it on the outside, but the essence in everything is continuously remembering and calling upon God.
~ Sheik Muzaffer

Mysticism is the process by which one studies or learns about the mysteries or mystery traditions. Within each of the great faiths, there is an inner, hidden teaching that is transcendent and unifying. The reason this teaching is hidden is that in order to study it, a number of factors have to be in place. Until recently, these factors were not publicly stated or attempts made to have them publicly understood. In the past, the study of this material, if publicly known, often resulted in death.

When viewed from a distance, these criteria are applicable to any human endeavor. Let us suppose we wanted to take a class and learn about fly-fishing. We would have to find out what time the class was starting, where it was being held, and who was teaching the class and what preparations necessary. Was the class for beginners or more advanced students?

It is the same with mystical studies; however, in this endeavor one other factor is operating. This is termed sincerity and relates to the intention of the student. If the student wishes to align with Truth, not for individual gain, but for its own sake, these are the students who attain, and it is this sincerity the teacher calls to and recognizes in the student. Because of this inner condition, it is tradition, the teacher finds the student.

Throughout this writing, some of this alternative, or mysterious view of things, has been offered. Simply stated it is the natural process of spiritual/higher development and this added spiritual knowledge/capacity enables the best for everyone.

At various times, this view has been banned and its practitioners killed, because some felt this knowledge was a threat. Today, in our more open society this view is again being made public, is more accessible, and travelers continue to benefit.

Q: How can the mystical view help our modern world? No matter what you assert, how can this be the way it is meant to be; it’s a real mess out there.

When the paintings are hidden, you will see the Painter. O brother/sister, I will tell you the mystery of mysteries. Know, then, that painting and Painter are one! When your faith is made perfect, you will never see yourself, save in Him.

According to mystical tradition, this mystical or holistic view is the balancing factor. It is the missing ingredient and the pot of gold at rainbow’s end. This viewpoint balances the needs of the individual with the need of the larger society; it reconciles the differences in religious philosophy and the spiritual experience of the Light is unifying and life changing.

If you perceive the world as in a state of confusion, remember the following. That what you see before you is a stage in evolution; we are evolving into something higher. Each has a contribution to make; that is part of the journey. What will be your contribution? Remember each contribution is necessary for the completed work.

If you do not believe these claims, test them out yourself and, in time, the world will become a better place, one person at a time.

Contentment is putting aside of free will.
~ Junaid
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