If You Were Born Today, August 24th


If You Were Born Today, August 24

You are a natural psychologist, with a special interest in, and insight into, personal relationships. You enjoy bouncing your ideas off other people. You don’t always follow others’ advice, but you love to ask, if only to stimulate conversation. Your needs for communication and mental stimulation are strong, and you are at your best when you are one-on-one. Partnerships are important to you – you seem to need company. You are somewhat fearful of change, as security appeals most to you. You are highly intelligent, and although you tend to come up with the best ideas through conversation with others, your ideas are nevertheless your own – you simply seem to come alive through your interactions. There may be immature or premature themes in your earlier relationships – some with this birthday partner up early, possibly due to a fear of being alone, and others might attract immature partners. Still others simply attract youthful, playful people into their experience. Famous people born today: Marlee Matlin, Stephen Fry, Dave Chappelle, Steve Guttenburg, Rupert Grint, Jared Harris, Chad Michael Murray.

Courtesy of Café Astrology