Whispering Woods Ogham Course

Since the last two days have been so screwed up. We have decided to give all our precious family members & friends a special treat, an Ogham Course. This is just the first of two courses we will be providing today. The second course is a tie between a Basic Rune course or a Comprehensive Crystal course. Both are wonderful course and provided by our dear friend, Crick. He has given us permission to publish these courses on our site. For that I am deeply grateful. If you enjoy the course, stop by at The Whispering Woods and leave Crick a thank you for being so generous with his research.

Now let’s being our course in Ogham…..

Whispering Woods Ogham Course


The Ogham alphabet consists of twenty distinct letters which are known as “feda”. They are arranged in four series called aicmí (plural of aicme “family”).  Each aicme was named after its first character (Aicme Beithe, Aicme hÚatha, Aicme Muine, Aicme Ailme, or “the B Group”, “the H Group”, “the M Group” and “the A Group”).

The Ogham Tract also gives a variety of around 100 variant or secret modes of writing Ogham (92 in the Book of Ballymote), for example the “Shield Ogham” (ogam airenach, nr. 73). Even the Younger Futhark is introduced as a kind of “Viking Ogham” (nrs. 91, 92). The Druids of yore were said to be very efficient at Ogham writing and signing.


Researcher & Author: Crick

Website: The Whispering Woods