Whispering Woods Ogham Course – Lesson Nine – Interpretations of the Number Five Fews

Whispering Woods Ogham Course – Lesson Nine
Interpretations of the Number Five Fews  

Each week you will be given the interpretations for each numbered Few. It is suggested that you make a chart listing all of the interpretations in order to assist you in your reading. With this lesson we will cover the interpretations for the number 5 Fews.

Iodho (Yew) – Transformation. Ends, Immortality
Yew Gender: Male Element: Fire Planet: Mars
Magickal uses: Hecate, death, immortality, protection
The Yew is known as the tree of death. Its use in England is recalled in Macbeth where Hecate’s cauldron contained; Slips of Yew, slivered in the moon eclipse.” The oldest tree in Europe is said to be the Fortingall Yew of Fortingall, Scotland, near Loch Tay. It is 3,000 years old and presently lives surrounded by a cast iron fence in a churchyard. It is 56 1/2 feet in circumference. A judge’s staff was made of its wood and Yew was planted in graveyards as a form of protection from malevolent spirits. Its needles were also used in rituals to communicate with the dead.
OW – N: Age or Wisdom brings an ending, transformation, immortality.
OW – E: Ending of bounty or transformation into abundance.
OW – S: Ending of one kind of happiness, change in joy.
OW – W: Changed by light of inspiration or by gentleness.
MW – N: Challenge motivates a change, brings immortality.
MW – E: Reaping a small harvest, change in prosperity.
MW – S: Contentment/Harmony ends and interests change.
MW – W: Transformed by new knowledge.
UW – N: Period of significant endings and changes.
UW – E: Youthfulness transformed by growth.
UW – S: Life changes. End of one kind of life is transformed with new energy by another, new vitality.
UW – W: Transformation of love into immortality, ending of a love.

Ruis (Elder) – Change, Evolution
Gender: Female Element: Water Planet: Venus
Magickal uses: Protection, health, spirituality, faeries, witchcraft, banishment
This tree is for spiritual cleansing, workings, bravery and honesty. The ogham letter for this tree is R (Ruis). The Elder is known as the “redness of shame” this comes from the concept of examining our inner selves and being ashamed of what we see. An Elder tree growing on your land protects it from negative energy and lightning attacks.
The lesson here is to use these negative thoughts as building blocks for positive change within ourselves.
OW – N: Wisdom leads to a new path, old ways decay, evolution into new forms.
OW – E: Change in bounty, deterioration of delight pushes for a new path.
OW – S: Old forms of happiness replaced with new ones.
OW – W: Lack of contentment inspires search for a new path. Peace comes from releasing what is outmoded
MW – N: Challenge to old ways leads to new forms.
MW – E: Gains deteriorate, not as great as expected. New methods needed for success.
MW – S: Contentment/Harmony comes in due course. That which brings satisfaction is in a state of change. Seeking new goals.
MW – W: Learning brings changes. Knowledge results in evolution.
UW – N: Old patterns gives way to new idea, need to adjust to changes.
UW – E: Evolution and growth emphasized to maintain youthful outlook.
UW – S: Old ways revitalized to produce a new perspective, change through energy.
UW – W: New love coming, seeking new friends.


Nion (Ash) – Awakening, Rebirth, Peace
Gender: Male Element: Fire Planet: Sun

Magickal uses: Protection, healing, prosperity. This tree represents knowledge and health. The ogham letter is N (Nion).
An Irish tribe called the Fir Bolg (Men of the spears) used the Ash to make their spears. The spear equates with the lesser weapon of the wand. The Ash is considered the tree of the warrior. The Celtic God, Lugh is associated with the Ash.
The ash, to the ancient Teutons, represented Ygdrasill, or the world tree. The ash was often made into wands, which were used for healing.
OW – N: Awakening and communication of wisdom. New influence through age, longevity, tenure
OW – E: Abundance brings peace, fruitful communications and reward
OW – S: Happiness communicated new joy in life.
OW – W: Peace emphasized, inspiration, rebirth and hope.
MW – N: Challenges open awareness. Friction soothed by communication and influence. Renewal of efforts.
MW – E: Prosperity through communication. Peaceful, harvest
MW – S: New influence leads to harmony/contentment. Awakening to the things that matter
MW – W: New awareness through learning. Communication of knowledge. Old knowledge reborn.
UW – N: Awakening and rebirth changes endings to new beginnings and brings transformation into being.
UW – E: Rebirth of youth, awakening of growing process. Communication/new influence with youths.
UW – S: Revitalization, reenergized, vital communications, renewal of efforts.
UW – W: Love/pleasure rediscovered. Peace in relationships through communication. Love as a new influence.

Quert (Apple) – Regeneration, Eternity, life

Gender – Feminine Element – Water Planet – Venus
Wands made from this tree are for love and fertility workings. The ogham letter for the apple tree is Q (Quert). All modern apples originated from the crab apple. The apple tree is used by shamans when undergoing magickal transformations or otherworld journeys.
The word “Avalon” is a Celtic word for the otherworld and translates as “place of apple trees”. The soul of Cu Roi Mac Daire was imprisoned in an apple that resided in the stomach of a salmon which appeared once every seven years. Connla the son of Conn is fed an apple by a fairy lover which sustains him but also makes him fall hopelessly in love with her.
OW – N: Age or wisdom brings a regeneration, or a new life.
OW – E: Renewal of abundance.
OW – S: Happiness from a new life, enjoyment of beauty.
OW – W: New calmness in life, perfection in peacefulness.
MW – N: Challenge leads to a regeneration or a new life.
MW – E: Return of prosperity, upturn in fortune. Reap rewards.
MW – S: Contentment from beauty/perfection, harmony in life.
MW – W: Renewal/perfecting of knowledge.
UW – N: Ending brings regeneration. Perfection ideal changes.
UW – E: Growth brings new youthfulness. Eternally young.
UW – S: Energy and life revitalized.
UW – W: Love renewed. Love of life, beauty, the arts.

1. “Reaping a small harvest, change in prosperity”, is associated with which Few?
2. The interpretation for UW – W under Quert, is:
3. “MW” stands for.  ________  _____.
4. Ruis represents which tree?
5. OW – S:, under Nion stands for: ______  _______  –  _______.
6. “Renewal of abundance” is which world/realm?





Source: Researcher & Author: Crick

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