Celebrating Other Spirituality 365 Days A Year – Old Lammas Eve, Festival of Lights, St. Clair

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August 11 and 12


Old Lammas Eve, Festival of Lights, St. Clair

In some areas of England, Old Lammas Eve is the date for fairs and “handfast marriages” —trial unions in which either party is free to end after a year without the social stigma of divorce. It was also around this time that the crop fields were thrown open for Winter grazing.

The ancient Egyptian festival in honor of the Goddess Isis and her search for Osiris is commemorated on this day by a Festival of Lights. With the advent of Christianity, this day became the feast of Saint Clair, patron of embroiderers.

Tuesday is Ruled By Mars

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Tuesday Is Ruled By Mars

Tuesday is a Mars day, and just like the god of war, this is the time to tap into magicks to call for strength and courage. This day of the week is for rebels and warriors. If you are facing a challenge of any kind, need a boost to your courage, or want to enhance your passions, Tuesday is the day of the week for you. Some suggestions for Tuesday enchantments would include:

*Wearing the fiery colors associated with this day: scarlet, red, black, and orange. Don some of the more daring and bewitching colors of your wardrobe on Tuesdays and turn a few heads

*Carrying a bloodstone in your pocket or wearing garnet-studded jewelry to reinforce your convictions

*Working with protective and fire-associated plants such as the snapdragon, thistle, and holly to boost your shields and bravery

*Burning spicy-scented energy-enhancing candles to add a little magical aromatherapy to your home

*Cooking up a hearty meal featuring carrots, peppers, and garlic (all Mars foods and spices) to empower yourself for victory and success

Seasons of the Witch – Legends and Lore, Ancient Holidays And Some Not So Ancient!

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Seasons of the Witch – Legends and Lore, Ancient Holidays And Some Not So Ancient!


Today Is …


Feast of Father Sky – Honoring God as Obatala (Yoruba/Santeria), Ouranos (Greek), Svarog (Slavic), Thor (Norse), Taranis (Celtic), Dyaus (Hindu).

The Irish festival, “Puck Faire” begins today! Celebrating Robin Goodfellow, a forest sprite.Celtic Puck Fertility Festival. On this day, an Irish fertility festival known as the Puck Fair begins. The medieval-style festival, which pays homage to the mischievous sprite Robin Goodfellow, continues for three consecutive days.

Day Dedicated to Kista, Persian Moon Goddess. Pray to Her for the women of Iran/Iraq.

Oddudua, the “Mother of all Gods”, is honored on this day by followers of the Santeria religion in Africa and South America.

Festival Of Happy Feet.

USA: National Cheer Up A Lonely Individual Day.

August 11 Chung Yuan, Moon of the Hungry Ghosts – The Chinese honor the dead on the fifteenth day (full moon) of the 7th lunar month. At twilight, boys light lanterns made of lotus leaves (with candles inserted in the deep hollow of the leaf so they make a beautiful glow through the green leaf) and go through the streets singing:

Lotus-leaf candles! Lotus-leaf candles! Today you are lighted. Tomorrow thrown away.

Another decoration, called an Artemisia lantern, is made from Artemisia plants which are rolled into ropes of glutinous incense and lit, so they gleam like moving fireflies (from the description I would guess these are much like braided sweet grass). Merchants decorate their shops with colored paper cut-outs of lotus blossoms, lotus leaves, flower baskets, herons and egrets, which they call lotus-flower lanterns.

Special customs help out spirits who are homeless, who have no descendants to pray for them, or who drowned and therefore have no resting place. In Buddhist temples, people make “a boat of Buddhist law,” sometimes thirty or forty feet long, out of paper, which will carry them across the sea of want, hunger, thirst and torment and enable them to reach Nirvana.

The boat is burned in the evening. Li-Chen notes that this festival was made popular by Amogha Vajra who came to china from northern India in 719. Each Buddhist temple forms a Yu Lan society which lights lanterns and recites sutras for the wandering souls. Offerings are set out with different kinds fruit, which were said to nurture virtue. In Peking, people went to the Grand Canal to watch the members of one Yu Lan Society perform various entertainments, like stilt walking or lion dances. During the evening, lanterns were lit and set adrift on the waters, while people walked along the banks carrying lotus lanterns. Li-chen, Tun, translated by Derk Bodde, Annual Customs and Festivals in Peking, Peking: Henri Vetch 1936

August 11-13 Games of Lugh, Peak of Perseids – The Perseid meteor showers peak on this night. Unfortunately this year, because the moon is full, the best to view them will be earlier in the month. For more information on meteor watching. The ancient Celts may have associated them with the light-bearing god Lugh, who is honored at Lughnasad (August 1)., since he is a hero-warrior like the Greek Perseus.

The Irish also called the Perseids “St Lawrence’s Tears,” perhaps indicating that the story of St Lawrence’s trial by fire is a later rendition of the myth of Lugh.One of the stars in the Perseus constellation is Algol, also called the Goron or Medusa. To the Arabs, it was the Demon Star; the Hebrews as Lilith. It was considered an unfortunate, violent and dangerous star by ancient astrologers. Helen Farias points out that both Medusa, who Perseus beheaded, and Balor, who Lugh killed by stabbing his one fiery eye, were described as having malevolent or dangerous eyes. Allen, Richard Hinckley, Star Names: Their Lore and Meaning, Dover 1963 Byrd, Deborah, “Tonight’s Sky,” for July 17 & July 24, 2003, www.earthsky.com Farias, Helen, Harvest Mysteries, unpublished manuscript in my collection

August 11 Dog Days end – This end of the ominous period associated with great heat and danger (see Tisha B’Av (August 7) and Dog Days (July 2).

August 11 St Attracta – What a great name! She was an Irish saint–the Celtic version of her name is Araght–who lived in the fifth or sixth century. Attwater is coy about what miracles she performed saying only that they were surprising. Attwater, Donald, Dictionary of Saints, Penguin 1965

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The Witches Correspondences for Tuesday, August 11th

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The Witches Correspondences for Tuesday, August 11th


Tuesday (Tiw’s-day)

Planet: Mars

Colors: Red and Autumn Shades

Crystals: Bloodstone, Ruby, Garnet, Flint, Rhodonite, Iron and Steel

Aroma: Basil, Ginger, Black Pepper, Mars Oil, Dragon’s blood and patchouli

Herb: Basil

The day of Mars. This day could only ever symbolize the sheer power of the god of war! The ideal spells to be cast on this day are that of force, power war and protection.

Dedicated to the powers of the planet Mars, personified as Ares, Tiwaz, Tiw, and Tyr.

Magical aspects: controlled power, energy, and endurance, passion, sex, courage, aggression, and protection.

This is the proper day of the week to perform spells and rituals involving courage, physical strength, revenge, military honors, surgery, the breaking of negative spells, dynamic energy, matrimony, war, enemies, prison, hunting, politics, contests, protection, victory, and athletics.

The Witches Almanac for Tuesday, August 11th

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The Witches Almanac for Tuesday, August 11th

Tuesday (Mars): Passion, sex, courage, aggression, and protection.

Puck Fair (Irish)


Waning Moon

The Waning Moon is a time for study, meditation, and little magickal work (except magick designed to banish harmful energies).

Moon phase: Fourth Quarter

Moon Sign: Cancer

Cancer: Stimulates emotional rapport between people. Pinpoints need, supports growth and nurturance. Tends to domestic concerns.

Incense: Bayberry

Color: Black

Tuesday’s Witchery


Tuesday’s Witchery


Tuesday is the day to work any magick that falls in the category of increasing strength, courage, bravery, and passion. All of these intense emotions are linked to this day’s energies, and spells designed around these themes will have extra punch when performed on this magickal day.

So, let’s add a little passion and conviction into your life! Break out the daring red pieces of your wardrobe, and put a little pizzazz into your day. Work with Lilith, and see what she has to teach you about personal power and sexuality. Meditate onTiw/Tyr and Mars, and see what those ancient warrior gods will show you about new tactics, strategies, and claiming personal victories in your life. Practice conjuring up that astral weapon from the meditation and use it wisely for protection and for courage.

Create a philter for courage and protection or handcraft your own Witch’s jar to remove negativity from your home. See what other Witch crafts you can conjure up with Tuesday’s magick. Create some kitchen magick on this Tuesday by whipping up a spicy stew-add in a few Mars-associated ingredients such as carrots, peppers, and garlic. Empower the stew for success, and then treat yourself and your family to a good, hearty meal. Try working with a little aromatherapy and burn some spicy or coffee-scented candles to increase your energy level.

Check the sky at night, and see if you can find the reddish planet Mars up in the heavens. Not sure where to look? Check an astronomy magazine or search the Web for more information. Become a magickal warrior and move forward in your life with strength, courage, and compassion. Embrace the side of yourself that loves a good challenge and that is passionate and daring! Banish fear, and face your future with strength and conviction. Believe in yourself and in your dreams, work hard, and you will win every time.



—-Book of Witchery: Spells, Charms & Correspondences for Every Day of the Week

Ellen Dugan





A god, goddess, or planet governs each day of the week. It is usually easy to spot the ruler of the day by its name. The word Tuesday, however, is not so easy, but if we look at the word in Spanish, Martes, we clearly see its connections to Mars.

Because Tuesday revolves around the energy of Mars, Tuesdays are good for business, mechanical things, buying and selling animals, hunting, beginning studies, gardening, sexual activities, and confrontation. This is a day for sex magick, energy, stamina, and health. As in the old saying, Tuesdays child is full of grace, is also good for success magick and defense against enemies.

Angels of Tuesday are Camael, Samael, Satael, Amabiel, Friagne, and Hyniel. When invoked, Camael takes the form of a leopard. In Druid mythology he is a god of war, which is why we see him associated with Mars. Camael is said to be a member of the “Magnificent Seven” in some circles. Camael is another “terminator” angel.

Samael walks both worlds as a magician and sorcerer. some see him as the angel of death, others as “the bright and poisonous one.” Many consider him more of a demon, and accuse him of being Satan. However, there is reference to the satans (plural) as enforcers of the law, a sort of angelic police, if you will. Supposedly, when Samael is around, dogs howl in the night. On one hand, he is the ruler of the fifth heaven and in charge of two million angels; on the other, he is the one who changed into a serpent and convinced Eve to partake of the forbidden fruit of knowledge.

Satael is an angel of air invoked in magic rites and is the presiding spirit of the planet Mars. Amabiel is another spirit of the planet Mars; however he spends his energy on issues of human sexuality. Friagne, also an angel of this day, is invoked from the east. He is a member of the fifth heaven. Hyniel also belongs to this day and is subject to the east wind.

On Tuesdays the hour of sunrise and every eight hours after that are also ruled by Mars, and that makes these times of the day doubly blessed. These four hours are the strongest ones to do ritual in. Check your local newspaper, astrological calendar, or almanac to determine your local sunrise.

Gypsy Magic


Healing Arts and Pagan Studies – Perseid Meteor Shower

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Healing Arts and Pagan Studies – Perseid Meteor Shower


The brightest meteor shower of the year is here, and its peak is coming soon.

The 2015 Perseid meteor shower began July 13 and runs through Aug. 26, with activity peaking around Aug. 12 and 13.

The Perseids are typically the brightest of the year. This year should be an especially good year for Perseids since the moon will not come out until after sunrise, avoiding the pesky bright light it gives off, Earthsky.org reports.

The best time for viewing is after midnight, when the meteors will pick up steam until the “wee hours before dawn,” according to EarthSky.

It will appear to originate from the constellation Perseus, which will be in the northeastern sky on the nights of the Aug. 12 and 13.

Meteor showers happen when the earth passes through the orbit of a comet. Bits of the comet that have broken off pass through earth’s atmosphere, and when they burn up, they create a gorgeous streaking pattern across the night sky.

NASA estimates that at its peak, Perseids will produce up to 100 meteors per hour streaking at 37 miles per second.

Here are some other tips to get the most out of your meteor shower-watching experience:

Find an open location away from bright city lights and other light pollution.

Bring something comfortable to sit or lie down on and try to fill your entire peripheral vision with the night sky. If you’re in a colder climate, dress warmly.

Give your eyes time to adjust to the darkness. This can take up to 20 minutes and can be disrupted by looking at a bright phone or tablet screen. If you need to shine a light on something, use a flashlight with a red filter, the easiest color on your eyes.

Be patient. Give yourself anywhere between 30 minutes and an hour, and the streaking meteors should be easily spotted against the still night sky once your eyes are fully adjusted.

Don’t worry about using telescopes or binoculars. Those devices may actually make it harder for you to see meteors, since they only cover a small portion of the sky. You should be able to easily see the show, and more of it, with just your own two eyes

by Marc Torrence Earthsky.org


From: GrannyMoon’s Morning Feast Archives Coventry of Healing Arts and Pagan Studies Enroll Now! http://Goddessschool.com/Paganstudies/index.html

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Tasha’s Day by Day Planner for August 2015

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Tasha’s Day by Day Planner for August 2015


Tue. 8/11 Caring Cancer Moon helps us look after others. Jupiter into Virgo for a year enhances practical education.

Wed. 8/12 Sweet Cancer Moon softens the energy, 5 PM Romantic Leo Moon shines it up. Mercury opposing Neptune says keep your wits sharp.

Thu. 8/13 Bright Leo Moon leads the way to fun. Sun trine Uranus suggests an unusual day.

Fri. 8/14 Leo New Moon says put more fun and creativity in your life now.

Sat. 8/15 Practical Virgo Moon says organize useful activity. Sun conjunct Venus brightens choices; Mercury trine Pluto helps frame positive changes.

Sun. 8/16 Efficient Virgo Moon facilitates tasks.

Mon. 8/17 Persnickety Virgo Moon finds what needs fixing; 4:30 PM gentle Libra Moon helps smooth the energy.



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Lunabar Moon Almanack for Tuesday 11 August, 2015


Lunabar Moon Almanack for Tuesday, 11 August, 2015


Waning, Crescent Moon Age: 26 days.

Moon Runs High.

Moon in 7th degree of the Sign Crabba, the Crab fish;

also in 8th deg. of the Constellation Gemini, the Twins.

Moonrise: 2:35 morn. Souths: 9:53 morn. Moonset: 5:12 eve.


Aspects of the Moon in Crabba/Cancer: Yin, Feminine, Lunar, Negative, Nocturnal, Watery, Cardinal, Fruitful, Horary Northern, Summery, Boreal, Commanding, Solstitial, Tropical, Moist, Dumb, Mute, Cold, Psychic, Sensitive.

Spells and rituals involving the Water Element: Should be performed when the Moon is in a Water sign: Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces

  • • • •

Moon Moon, Mother Moon

Lunar Lore

Sow or plant when the Moon is in Taurus, Scorpio, or Virgo, in good Aspect with Saturn.

– Leonard Meager, “The English Gardner”, 1699. …

and the evidence of our eyes shows us that the moon is spherical For how else should the moon as it waxes and wanes show for the most part a crescent-shaped or gibbous figure, and only at one moment a half-moon?

~ Aristotle, “On the Heavens.”

  • • • •

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Lunabar Sun Almanack for Tuesday, 11 August, 2015


Lunabar Sun Almanack for Tuesday, 11 August, 2015

Sunrise: 6:16 morn. Sunset: 8:09 eve.
Length of Day: 13h. 52m.
Dawn: 5:47 morn. Dusk: 8:38 eve.
Length of Twilight: 0h. 29m.
Sun in 17th degree of the Sign Leo, the Lion;
also in 0th degree of the Constellation Leo, the Lion;

Aspects of the Sun in Leo: Yang, Masculine, Solar, Positive, Diurnal, Fiery, Fixed, Barren, Horary Eastern, Summery, Boreal, Commanding, Feral, Bestial, Animal, Four-footed, Dry, Bitter, Hot.

Solar Lore
The weary sun hath made a golden set,
And by the bright track of his fiery car
Gives token of a goodly day to-morrow.
~Shakespeare, “Richard III.”


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A Very Happy & Blessed Tuesday To All Our Precious Family & Friends!


God and Goddess

Help us to quiet our mind

And calm our spirit

Let us seek our calm

And grounded center

And connect with the earth

Let us be as one with the elements

In their calmest forms —

The still pool

The soothing wind in the leaves

The crackle of the home fire burning

And let us be at peace

Quiet the voices that haunt us

And cease our circular thoughts

So we might think, and rest, and be

God and Goddess

Help us to quiet our mind

And calm our spirit.


So Mote It Be