We are stopping the daily divinations, the reason….


Because I happen to be an idoit! We were having problems with our IE and Firefox browsers. I was fed up with both of them because we could hardly post. Then I was talking to a few people over the weekend. Those individuals were talking about how great Windows 10 was and how fast it was. Oh yeah, it was just super great. Since we were having problems with the two browsers we normally use, I decided to download Windows 10 on one computer. Guess which one? The one I use daily. It might be super for people who surf the web but when it comes to what we do, it sucks!


We have contracts with various sites we use daily. One of the requirements is that we use their logos. Of course, I can’t blame them. I always insist on a link back to us. It use to be simply to grab their logos and run. Ha, today was a totally different story. I did what I normally do and a page element pops up in the middle of the page. You have to sit there and wait for it to find the script you want. Then you copy and paste it, not on your site but on your WordPad or something as I learned this morning. Because what you pull out to get the logo has a whole lot of other garbage with it. You have to remove it and the hopefully you have the image you are after.


We got up early this morning. Prepared to deliver our daily publication and it is now five hours later and we don’t have crap done. I am sorry for all those people out there that loves Window 10 but in my opinion (which we all know what that is worth) it SUCKS! But I guarantee you one thing, this little devil of a computer program shall not beat me. I will learn it one way or the other. Or else, I will go back to my old computer which has Windows 8.1 on it, THANK THE GODDESS!


Right now I am so glad I only downloaded it on one computer. If I had downloaded it on all our computers you would have been able to hear me cussing and screaming all the way up in Alaska. So after such a wonderful day(NOT), we are calling it a day. I am going to go take a couple of Valium (it I had any) and Tylenol and get rid of this headache. Tonight, I am conquering this damn computer one way or the other. Tomorrow, I guarantee you, we will be back, bright, early and ready to go.

Till then wish me luck and sanity,

Love ya,

Lady A

3 thoughts on “We are stopping the daily divinations, the reason….

  1. I just LOVE Linux!

    Sorry to hear about your travails. Microsoft has gone so far South from the days they were actually worth something to the average user.

    As a matter of fact:

    Just last night, it must have taken me several hours to just get a good search for some information about a lawn mower we were going to repair and get working. – I found that Bing was a big part of the problems with the computer slowing to a crawl, the other major reason was Windows 8 itself!

    I really do not miss all those headaches.

    – Rev. Dragon’s Eye


    1. Well when you get your lawnmower fixed, can I talk you into coming and mowing the plantation, lol!


  2. May the Goddess grant you favor strength and grace to overcome and may you be in good health ……………….


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