Lunabar Moon Almanack for Monday, 10 August, 2015


Lunabar Moon Almanack for Monday, 10 August, 2015

Waning, Crescent Moon Age: 25 ¾ days.
Moon Runs High.
Moon in 6th degree of the Sign Crabba, the Crab fish;
also in 7th deg. of the Constellation Gemini, the Twins.
Moonrise: 2:35 morn. Souths: 9:53 morn. Moonset: 5:12 eve.
Aspects of the Moon in Crabba/Cancer: Yin, Feminine, Lunar, Negative, Nocturnal, Watery, Cardinal, Fruitful, Horary Northern, Summery, Boreal, Commanding, Solstitial, Tropical, Moist, Dumb, Mute, Cold, Psychic, Sensitive.
Spells and rituals involving the Water Element: Should be performed when the Moon is in a Water sign: Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces
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Moon Moon, Mother Moon
Lunar Lore
The Hunter’s Moon: The month or moon following the ”harvest moon”
Hunting does not begin until after harvest.
~Brewer’s “Dictionary of Phrase and Fable.”

It is the very error of the moon ;
She comes more nearer earth than she was wont,
And makes men mad.
– Shakespeare, “Othello,” V, ii.

Near full moon, a misty sunrise
Bodes fair weather and cloudless skies.
– Collected in R. Inwards, “Weather Lore”

Earth, let not thy envious shade
Dare itself to interpose ;
Cynthia’s shining orb was made
Heaven to clear when day did close :
Bless us then with wished sight,
Goddess excellently bright.
– Ben Jonson, “Hymn to Diana.”
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