*TECH ALERT* Did you download Windows 10? If So, You Are Spreading Your Personal Info All Over The Net

I am thankful to say we didn’t because of most of Microsoft programs have a thousand and one bugs. This new version just release has a “whooper” of mistakes. It reveals your personal information, your address, your passwords and also your ISP. This is only to have happened on Facebook. But if it will happen one place, what is stopping it from happening some place else.


I have provided you with a link to the story belong. There is a patch Windows is now offering for 10, so you know there is something up. Give out all our personal information, that is a biggie! Read it for yourself…..


5 questions about Windows 10 everyone is asking


Especially pay attention to item #2 in this article.

10 thoughts on “*TECH ALERT* Did you download Windows 10? If So, You Are Spreading Your Personal Info All Over The Net

    1. Good to see you back, B. I hope everything is on the mend for you now. I definitely hope and pray your mother is doing much better. I found this out tonight from our tech support (yes, we have to have tech support). Most of your information will be displayed when you visit websites like Twitter and Facebook, not blogs or private websites. But if it can happen on these other two, what is to guarantee it is not happening everywhere? Never jump on the first version of anything Microsoft puts out. I still have that little window in my task bar just begging me to download it. Every time it pops up, I automatically say, “you are crazy as hell!” Of course, everyone in the office now thinks I am crazy as hell, lol! But I got sidetracked, back to the topic at hand. If you will notice Twitter is automatically built in Windows 10. The techs told me there was a way you can go into your computer and turn it off. That is suppose to stop your information from getting spread over the net. Perhaps Twitter but the rest of the net, I seriously doubt it. There is also suppose to be a patch for this problem but we are still checking into that. As soon as we found out it is safe, we will let everyone know. I consider myself pretty computer smart, this one has me baffled. The only thing I can think of is to set your anti-virus to where it will notify you of any out-going communications from your computer. When you do this, the anti-virus will ask you if it is ok to do so, simply hit “no.” I run with my firewall up as high as it will go. But that can be a pain in the rump. Some sites it lets you visit, then some you have to add to your permission list. But right now about all you can do is stop your computer from sending out-going messages. Check your anti-virus and it should tell you how to do that.

      Microsoft was suppose to have released this version earlier this year and it wasn’t ready. They released it now and it still wasn’t ready. I learned the hard way to wait on everything they put out. When Windows 8 came out, it crashed 5 of our computers. There was no way they could be recovered either. Of course, I wasn’t alone in the boo-boo. When I got to talking and reading Windows 8 upgrade destroyed hundreds of thousands of computers. I am surprised they didn’t get sued over that.

      Oh, enough computer talk, I stopped in to play with the graphics for a minute. Which reminds me I need to do some work on your site too, hmm! I hope everyone is doing fine at your house and your mother is making a speedy recovery. If you need anything at all, don’t hesitate to ask.
      Love ya,


      1. I’m not really back fully just caught this in my email. My mom’s in ICU still but more for close observation. They don’t plan on having to do surgery again. Thank the Goddesses and Gods. Only thing I need is relief from sleeping in a fold out chair last night, my back is ouchy (medical term lol). Thanks for all the info!

        Love ya,


  1. Spread the word far, and wide!

    Good job, and thank you.

    THAT is yet more reason why I am running Linux. So I had to give up a few favorite programs, but I have “made new friends” with others for Linux.

    – “Diehard Linux fan.”

    – Rev. Dragon’s Eye


    1. I learned my lesson the hard way. When Windows 8 came out, I immediately downloaded it to all of our computers. Thankfully before I got to all of them, Windows 8 had already crashed 5 of our computers. We had three laptops that didn’t have it downloaded on it and like I said thankfully the other crashed or else we would have been out of business.

      The way I understand it, this is only suppose to effect sites like Twitter and Facebook. Good grief, do they not know how many people visit these sites a day? And if it will happen there, I believe it can happen any where. Now that the word is finally out, hackers will have a field day with it. People ought to know, never jump on the first version of anything Windows puts out!


      1. Somethings I have to learn the hard way. But as soon as I read this I went back to Windows 7. I don’t know if I’ll ever redownload 10 or not. Think I’ll wait until you do Lady A 🙂


      2. Let’s not forget the dreaded NSA, and Microsoft’s cozy relationship with them.

        Microsoft releases its “zero-day” patches to NSA and other government agencies weeks, if not MONTHS, before they release those “security” patches to everyone else!


        And the users pay lots of money for a supposedly sound and stable operating system!!!


      3. I think the NSA has lost some of their punch since Snowden. Now Homeland Security on the other hand, is alive and well. You mean you don’t get an email from them at least once a month? Long story about that one, won’t go into it in public.


      4. Understood.

        A few friends of mine have been harassed a few times by the NSA and the FBI because they had developed encryption algorithms that “government” agencies could not figure out. – So, these folks were told to destroy their notes and programs, and speak nothing of them again, or be sent to federal prison for the rest of their lives!


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