Bone Magick

Bone Magick


Bone Magick works directly with the spirits and requires a great commitment by the practitioner. One you have your set gathered, you are bound to it even unto death and must make preparations for the set to be buried with you or you must pass on the set to a successor.

Collecting bones can be an adventure of self discovery and intuitiveness. It can sometimes take years to find all of the “right” bones for your set. This is a personal pursuit and some may find their perfect collection right away, but don’t be discouraged by the time it takes. It will all come to the correct conclusion for you as directed by the spirits. My bone set is of various objects that have meaning to me. You can make your own set with specific meanings as well, or you may use the list that I have provided here. Some add items for everything that could occur in a persons life. This can make for a VERY large set and, in my opinion, become unmanageable. I have seen Root Worker sets that have as many as thirty items. It is up to you, but from my experience, ten to fifteen objects is more than enough to account for every eventuality. I utilize bones and objects that are small enough to fit into my cupped hands and into a small pouch. This makes transport and reading much easier. My largest bone is approx an inch and a half to two inches. I use that as my guide on the rest of the objects that I collect and add to my system. As this is a very personal method, you may wish to include other objects with significance. Be fluid and do what feels right. You can never go wrong with your intuition.

What follows is my bone set and how I intuit their meanings. Also, I give my ritual for empowerment as well as instruction on how to cast and read them. I hope your adventure into this ancient oracle is rewarding and carries you unto deeper investigation into the great world of the spirits.



Bare Bones Cunning Crafte: An Arcanus Chapter Book (Arcanus Chapter Book Series 1)

David MacKenzie