WOTC Extra – Magic Tools Make Spells More Effective


Magic Tools Make Spells More Effective


True magic is all based on energy, so technically it can be done without any tools at all. But it is really only very skilled and experienced witches who can perform magic without any tools. Tools are very useful, especially for beginners, because they make it much easier to focus your energy and visualize parts of the spell.

There are some basic tools that every witch should have. You don’t need to buy all of these at once. Look in thrift shops, garage sales, and other out of the way places and buy tools that speak to you. Or, make your own. It’s better to wait and find the perfect tools than it is to buy something off the shelf. The tools that you should have to perform spells include:

Cauldron – this is usually a small iron pot that you can use to mix herbs or place burning items.

Wand – Wands are used for summoning the spirits of the Air and focusing energy. Natural wands made from tree branches are the best.

Incense burner – Incense is a very important part of spellcasting. Even a cheap basic incense burner will do the job but you might want to invest in a nice brass or pottery incense burner down the line.

Chalice- Your chalice can be glass, ceramic, or metallic. Most people use a glass chalice. You can even just use a special piece of glassware. Some people prefer to use ornate carved chalices that are available in Wiccan supply stores.

Altar Cloth – An altar cloth can be any piece of cloth, although most witches prefer pure cotton or silk material. Natural materials are the best to use. An altar cloth is a special cloth only used for spellwork. It can transform any flat surface into a magical surface. You may want to personalize your cloth with embroidery or embellishments.

When you are not using your magical tools they can sit on your altar or you can wrap them in your altar cloth and store them out of sight. This is a good option if you live with other people who don’t know about your Wiccan practices.



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