The Witches Magick for the 9th Day of the Mead Moon – Ceroscopy Wax Divination

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Ceroscopy uses liquid wax poured slowly into a vessel filled with cold water. The wax shapes represent the answer.

You will need a small pillar candle, a ballpoint pen, and a bowl of cold water.

At midnight, write your question on the pillar candle using the ballpoint pen. Light the candle and say three times:

May the powers of this candle reveal the answer tonight.

Allow the candle to burn for about an hour. All the while, think about your question. Ponder the question from every angle. Now, fill the bowl full of cold water. Focus on your question, and carefully and slowly pour the melted wax from the pillar candle into the bowl of water. Look at the shapes the wax makes. What do they remind you of? Make an entry in your journal as to your question and to the shapes of the wax. Snuff out the candle when you are done. Relight the candle tomorrow evening, and allow it to safely burn down.

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