The Witches Magick for the 27th day of the Dyad Moon – Mirror Mate Sex Magic

 Hexe vor dem Flug  :)MIRROR MATE SEX MAGIC

You will need sexy music, your lover, and your favorite scented oil.

After dark, turn on the music. Sit opposite each other skyclad, preferably somewhere you can see the night sky. Anoint one another with the scented oil, on the ankles, knees, thighs, navel, shoulders, neck, and back of the head, in that order. After you anoint each other, say in unison:

Shining stars and moonlight
Illuminate our love so bright
One into two into three times three
May our lovemaking be ecstasy, blessed be!

Hold hands and stare softly into your lover’s eyes for at least fifteen minutes. It’s okay if you blink or giggle or cry. Just focus on how much you love your beloved as your gaze into his or her eyes. Next, stand quietly, and touch and embrace for a few minutes. Then hold hands and stare softly into your lover’s eyes for another ten minutes, or until you both come together for an intensely, intimate night.


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Sirona Knight