WOTC Extra (a) – How Magical Tools Enhance Your Results


How Magical Tools Enhance Your Results


Magic would not be complete without scented oils, homemade magical brews and smoke rising from the incense as it carries our thoughts up into the universe. We weave spells utilizing the simple but potent powers found within the tools nature gives us. The power of incense and oils can magically transform our lives.

Magic can be as simple as rubbing scented oil on a colored candle, setting it in a holder and lighting it as you visualize your magical need. Or it can be more complex, involving several candles, many oils, incense, ritual clothing, chants and more. The details are up to you. What’s important is that you use Magic to bring light, joy and peace into your life and the world around you.

By now you should understand that all magic comes from within. Your magical tools simply help you draw out the thoughts and feelings that you want to send out to the Universe.

To help you understand their true purpose of your tools, I am going to share an excerpt from another one of my books. It clearly describes the benefits and is worth repeating here:

Think back to a time when you dressed up for a job interview or an important social event. What you wore made you feel better about yourself, and thus improved your chances for a successful outcome. You knew that your clothes didn’t really have magical powers, but there was no question that having the right outfit and accessories boosted your self-confidence, and THAT is why these items were needed.

Magical tools work the same way. They are a part of our rituals because they can help us focus our thoughts and generate the ideal atmosphere to work in.

Incense can create a magical atmosphere that helps you achieve the desired mental state for your ritual. It can be used both on and off the altar to cleanse and create sacred space. If for any reason the smoke of incense bothers you, essential oil can work as a substitute. But be sure to include one or the other. The effects of aroma can have a significant impact on any rituals or magical work.

Stones or crystals may also be used in your spell work. Stones are very easy to carry with you and are great little reminder of the beautiful gifts our Mother Earth wants to share with you.

Herbs are another example of the many blessings our Mother Earth offers us. It’s very common to see them listed in spells, but we should be using them in our daily life as well. Whenever I consume living foods, I think about the life-energy of the food entering my body and merging with my own. Spiritual leaders from many different paths also believe that living foods (fresh fruits and vegetables) actually enhance our ability to communicate with the Divine. If this is true, then consuming Mother Earth’s living foods can help raise physical, mental and spiritual energy and should be considered an important part of all magical practice.

Finally, you might not think of jewelry as being a “tool” for magical work. However, placing a small pentacle or symbol of your beliefs on your alter or simply carrying it around with you throughout the day, is also a great little reminder of the power that is within you.

Wicca A Beginner’s Guide to Casting Spells: Herbal, Crystal and Candle Magic (Living Wicca Today Book 3)

Kardia Zoe