Candle Smoke

Always watch the direction that the candle smoke moves. In its movement is a message. Here are the signs when watching the candle’s smoke:

1. Northern Movement –

Something physical is manifesting. You will have to work for what you wish to achieve.

2. Eastern Movement –

Something mental is manifesting. Think things through and have patience in situations.

3. Southern Movement –

Something intense and short lived is manifesting. Success comes rapidly and with intensity.

4. Western Movement –

The manifestation of strong Magic intervention. The issue is too emotional. You are too involved – step away for a time. Clear your thoughts.


Herbs To Use When Making Herbal Candles

Below is list of some of the many possible herbs and their magickal qualities.


BASIL – Removes negativity from the home or workplace.

BAY LAUREL – Protection against evil influences, stops interference.

CATNIP -Courage, love and happiness, joy.

CHAMOMILE – Luck in gambling, luck in getting proposal of marriage.

CLOVE – Banishes evil, friendship, grants desires.

DANDELION – Helps to improve clairvoyance, purifies.

DRAGON’S BLOOD – Brings good luck, protection, money, love.

FRANKINCENSE – protection, purification, spirituality.

GINGER – Love, money, success, power.

JASMINE – Love, money, strengthens psychic abilities.

JUNIPER – Protection against theft, attracts love, aids in psychic development.

LAVENDER – Love, money, attracts help.

LEMON VERBENA – Guards against evil, repels those you do not love.

MARIGOLD – Gives clairvoyant dreams.

MARJORAM – Protection.

MUGWORT – Protection, strengthens psychic abilities, aides in divination.

MYRRH – Purification, protection, spirituality.

NUTMEG – Luck, love, prosperity, fertility.

ORRIS ROOT – Aids in divination, attracts love.

PATCHOULI – Breaks spells placed on you, attracts money, defeats enemies.

PEPPERMINT – Purification, love, increases psychic ability.

PINE – Purification.

ROSE PETALS – Love, happiness in the home.

ROSEMARY – Healing for headaches, keeps a lover faithful.

RUE – Defense against spells and dark magick, repels negativity.

SAGE – Purification, protection, wisdom.

ST. JOHN’S WORT – Happiness, healing, courage, love, protection, divination.

SANDALWOOD, RED – Healing, protection, spirituality, wishes come true.

SANDALWOOD, YELLOW – Protection, spirituality

THYME – Cures nightmares.

VERVAIN – Repels psychic attack, purification, gaining love or wealth.

WORMWOOD – Repels negative magick.

YARROW – Divination, love spells, keeps couple happily married.

How To Charge The Oils (and their magickal properties) Used In Candle Charging

How To Charge The Oils (and their magickal properties) Used In Candle Charging

In a candle spell, we first charge the candle (or empower it), directing our own energy into the candle. This, like raising our energy before the spell, This, like raising our energy before the spell, is very necessary. Without charging, the candle basically has no power to bring you what you need. This energy we direct into the candle is then released when the candle burns, going into the world to create the change we desire. While charging a candle for a spell, anoint the candle at the same time. Anointing is simply rubbing oil, on the candle, intending to help direct energy into the candle. When performing a spell to attract something, or performing a positive spell of any kind, the candle is held between the index finger and thumb of your receptive hand (the hand you DON’T write with), and oil is rubbed on the candle from the tip to the center- and then from the bottom to the center with the finger and thumb of your projective hand (the hand you DO write with). The candle is never rubbed back and forth. By rubbing inward from the tip and inward from the bottom, we are “drawing” our intended goal to us.


To charge a candle for a spell to banish or dispel negativity of any kind, anoint the candle from the center outward. Hold the candle with the index finger and thumb of your receptive hand and rub the oil on with your projective hand- from the center to the tip, and from the center to the bottom. Again, never rub back and forth. Make sure to check the MOON phase before working any spell.


When using oils, make sure they are not synthetic but pure in form. I am listing a few of my favorite oils and there uses in magick:


To obtain peace – Myrrh Oil, gardenia,

To obtain protection – Lotus, lilac, frankincense, cinnamon, Juniper and Myrrh

To obtain employment – Success Oil

To obtain money – Bayberry, clove, heliotrope, bergamot, honeysuckle and peppermint

To obtain courage – High John the Conqueror and Yarrow

To bring about love – Rose Oil. frangipani, Musk, lavender Oil

To banish unwanted influences – your personal Zodiac Oil (mine Sagittarius), lilac

To protect against psychic attach – Jasmine, Lilac and Magnolia Oil

To strengthen psychic abilities – honeysuckle, myrrh, sage

To break a hex – Witch bane Oil

To obtain love – Dragon’s Blood Oil, Rose, Amber, Ylang Ylang, Vanilla and Frankincense Oil

To obtain sleep – Chamomile Oil, Lavender

To obtain happiness – Amber, bergamot, gardenia oil,

To obtain spiritual purification – Clove Oil, Cedar, myrrh, patchouli,

To bring about healing – Peppermint Oil , cedar, myrrh, gardenia, Lavender and Sandalwood Oil

To obtain elemental powers – Patchouli Oil

To master a situation – Bayberry Oil

To obtain strength – Pine, yarrow, rosemary oil


While anointing the candle, focus on the goal of your spell. Then imagine sending the energy you raised into the candle, flowing from your body and out your finger tips. Focusing completely upon what you are doing is necessary in any spell. Don’t allow your mind to wander. Focus on the outcome of the spell, and directing your energy. The list above will help you match the oil and candle needed for your “charging” and then the spell.


This is just a small list, there are hundreds of oils available at different stores throughout the world. I recommend studying the different oils and create your own.


Colour Symbolism (More Detailed Than The Others You Will Find)


(in choosing your candles)

A color of a candle is like a key that unlocks a certain area of your sub-conscious mind and being. The actual symbolization of each color will be found to differ with authority, tradition, or school of thought, so keep in mind the final analysis, the only actual true authority for YOU is Yourself! Color contains an important part of magick making and each color has its own magickal meaning! Color can stimulate the power within. Using colored candles and oils aid in enhancing the overall effect of the magick ritual

BLACK: Absorption and destruction of negative energy, reversing, uncrossing, binding negative forces, discord, protection, releasing, repel dark magic and negative thought forms. (1st Chakra)

LAVENDER: Intuition, Dignity, Spiritual Shield, knowledge

DARK GREEN: Color of ambition, greed and jealousy; counteracts these influences in a ritual

LIGHT BLUE: Spirituality, meditations; peace and tranquility to home; radiates Aquarius energy

WHITE: Protection, peace, balance, spirituality, purity, spirituality and greater attainments in life, sincerity, power of a higher nature, wholeness, the Goddess, peace, a substitute for any other color and truth. (7th Chakra)

RED: Love, passion, health, energy, strength, element of fire, career goals, fast action, lust, Moon Blood, driving force, survival, sexual potency, fertility, courage, will power, enthusiasm(1st Chakra)

DARK BLUE: Harmony in the home; religion; truth spiritual colour; for peace and tranquility; healing; truth and light; religious beliefs; devotion; health; wisdom; inspiration.

DARK GRAY: Glamour

PINK: Affection, emotional love, honor, affection, romance, emotional healing, peace, partnerships, caring, nurturing, spiritual awakening, healing of the spirit, togetherness and harmony (4th Chakra)

ORANGE: Strength, attraction, recharges the intellect; overcome an addiction; positive thinking; justice; intellect; action; joy; inspiration; encouragement; adaptability; the power of attraction; friendship; changing luck; stimulation; vitality; stimulate sociability. adaptability, selling, action, business goals, property deals, ambition, career goals, success, legal matters, encouragement, adaptability, stimulation, sudden changes, control, power, draw good things, change luck, joy and success (2nd Chakra)

GRAY: This neutral colour is useful when pondering complex issues during meditation; negates or neutralizes negative influence; releasing; banishment without Karmic effect.

ROYAL BLUE: Promotes laughter; loyalty

YELLOW: Creativity, communication with the sun, intelligence, accelerated learning, memory, logical imagination, breaking mental block, selling yourself, imagination, power of the mind, confidence, gentle persuasion, action, attraction, concentration, inspiration, sudden changes and skills (3rd Chakra)

GREEN: Healing, money, luck, fertility, earth mother, physical healing, monetary success, tree and plant magic, growth, personal goals, generosity, abundance, good fortune, wealth, success, renewal, marriage, and balance (4th Chakra)

BLUE: Forgiveness, peace, meditation, healing good fortune, opening blocked communication, weight loss, wisdom, protection, inspiration, calm, reassurance, water elements, truth, inspiration, wisdom, occult power, protection, understanding, good health, happiness, peace, fidelity, harmony in the home, patience and tranquility (5th Chakra)

PURPLE: Wisdom, psychic awareness, royalty, idealism success, idealism, influence people in high places, third eye, spiritual power, self assurance, hidden knowledge, higher psychic ability, progress, protection, honors, spirit contact, break bad luck, drive away evil, divination and spirituality (6-7th Chakra)

LIME: Success; communication with faeries

TURQUOISE: Meditation, awareness, moon and creativity (5th Chakra)

SILVER: Stability, neutrality, psychic awareness removes negative powers, telepathy, clairvoyance, clairaudience, psychometric, intuition, dreams, astral energies, communication, the Goddess, victory, stability, meditation, develop psychic abilities, female deity powers and goddess assistance

ROSE: Self love and enhancing relationships (4th Chakra)

MAGENTA: Super power, quick changes, inner love, very high vibrational frequency that tends to work fast, so usually burned with other candles; quick changes, exorcism and spiritual healing

SEA GREEN: Emotional Healing, calming

SILVER BLUE: Deep Wisdom, Psychic awareness

GOLD: Great fortune, cosmic mind, peace wealth, the horned God, winning, safety and power of the male, happiness, playful humor, intuition, understanding, divination, beneficial in rituals intended to bring about fast luck or money; dynamic sun energy; positive thinking; justice; luck; power financial benefits, attracts higher influences, male deity powers

PEACH: Gentle strength, unity, inspiration; friendship; calming and joy

BROWN: Healing animals or the home, neutrality, influence, friendships, special favors, attract money and financial success, influence Earth Elementals, concentration, balance, ESP, intuition, study, spiritual attachment to the earth

DARK GOLD: Beginnings

INDIGO: Used in rituals for Saturn energy and used for deep meditation state, colour of inertia; stops situations or people, neutralize another’s magic, stop gossip. Lies or undesirable competition, balance out karma

COPPER: Professional Growth, Business, Fertility, Career Maneuvers, Passion, Money, fertility in business, Goals

GREENISH YELLOW: Anger, cowardice, discord, jealousy, sickness

TERRA COTTA: Attracts a soul mate

VIOLET: Religious devotion; truth; spirituality and attraction.

EMERALD GREEN: Important component in Venus rituals; attracts love, social delights and fertility


A new candle must be used for each new spell. The candle must not be cracked, broken or damaged in any way. Make sure you have time when you plan to do your candle magick, because the candle must be allowed to burn out on it’s own and you should never leave a candle burning unattended!

How To Work Candle Magick


Hold your hands on each side of the candle and mentally pour thoughts of your aim into the candle. When you are ready, light the candle, say:

Candle of power, candle of might,
Create my desires here on this night.
Power, stream from this candle’s fire.
Bring to me my heart’s desire.
My words have strength, the victory’s won.
So say I. This spell is done.


It is best to let the candle burn to the end.

Remember: The longer you let the candle burn, the stronger the spell,

Candles and Sympathetic Magick

Candles and Sympathetic Magick

Candles moulded into shapes are considered sympathetic magick. Our ancestors at some point placed animal head-dresses on their heads and animal skins on their backs to ask their spirits for good hunting. This is also a type of sympathetic magick; using a like object to reach our intent. To assist you in finding a familiar, burn a candle of the animal you desire.

For a hunter in buck season, burn a candle for a male deer. In both these instances, you would be contacting the animals’ collective unconscious to request their assistance.

Fertility spells can be cast with a phallus-shaped candle. Healing spells can be performed with human-shaped candles (pick up those skull-shaped candles around Samhain). White ones are great for healing; black ones for reversing spells or warding off negativity.

Another type of candle/sympathetic magick is to inscribe runes, names, or other magickal symbols directly on the candle before burning. If you are in a real hurry and need results pronto, take a hat pin (yes, they are still around but you have to look for them) and stick it as close as you can to the top of the candle without breaking it. As you are inserting the pin, say: When this candle burns to the pin, the process of (name the desire) will begin. Insert a second pin close to the first, and say:


When this candle burns to this pin, the process of (name desire)
will come to a successful completion, and end.


Of course you may have to re-word the spell, but you get the idea. Candle and colour magick are considered “sympathetic magick” – wherein like attracts like. The colour red, for example, attracts passion, courage and strength. A candle of that colour or any colour acts in the same fashion. Other items commonly used in sympathetic magick are locks of hair, photographs, personal effects of a particular individual, and poppets (dolls). Because these items have a psychic link to the person they have been taken from (the dolls are made with the link), they are very powerful. These things can be used in healing rituals or for drawing good fortune to that person, and aid in eliminating bad habits.

A Little Humor for Your Day – ‘Good News (for who I want to know, lol!)’

Good News


At a nursing home a group of seniors were sitting around talking about all their ailments. “My arms have gotten so weak I can hardly lift this cup of coffee,” said one.

“Yes, I know,” said another. “My cataracts are so bad I can’t even see my coffee.”

“I couldn’t even mark an ‘X’ at election time, my hands are so crippled,”volunteered a third.

“What? Speak up! What? I can’t hear you! said a fourth.

“I can’t turn my head because of the arthritis in my neck,” said a fifth, to which several nodded weakly in agreement.

“My blood pressure pills make me so dizzy I can hardly walk!” exclaimed another.

“I forget where I am, and where I’m going,” said an elderly gent.

“I guess that’s the price we pay for getting old,” winced an old man as he slowly shook his head. The others nodded in agreement.

“Well, count your blessings,” said one woman cheerfully, “thankfully, we can all still drive.”




Daily Feng Shui News for April 24th – ‘Pig in a Blanket Day’

Today is ‘Pig in a Blanket Day,’ but whether wrapped in a blanket or not, the pig is considered a prized possession in traditional Eastern cultures. According to Feng Shui, good fortune comes to households that display symbols or images of a pig. They signify prosperity, wealth, fertility and success in all affairs. In China, it’s the pig and not the dog that’s man’s best friend and considering all of the excellent attributes ascribed to it, now you can see why.

By Ellen Whitehurst for