Daily Motivator for Oct. 16th – Stronger than the problems

Stronger than the problems

Do not seek to be free of the problems. Work to be stronger than the  problems.

A life with no problems would be a life with no opportunities for growth or  achievement. That’s not what you want, and it is certainly not realistic.

In the real world there are difficult problems, and there will always be. Yet  there are also countless possibilities for progress and true fulfillment.

Don’t waste your time fantasizing about a life free of problems. Instead, use  your imagination and your efforts to transform those problems into positive  value.

Embrace each situation as it is, along with all the problems. Accept that the  problems exist, and you can then begin to successfully work through them.

Life will always be challenging in one way or another. So rise to the  challenges and use your unique set of abilities to make life great.

— Ralph Marston

The Daily Motivator