The Daily Motivator for Oct. 10th – Energy of intention

Energy of intention

Life can often leave you feeling stuck or trapped in an undesirable position.  Yet no matter how confining your situation may be, there is always a positive  way forward.

Even though your options may be very limited, you do still have some powerful  choices. Even in a difficult, highly challenging situation, there are real and  present possibilities for great improvement.

The first thing to do is to refuse to see yourself as a victim. By taking  full responsibility for your situation, you give yourself the power to change it  for the better.

Next, instead of fretting about the way things are, develop a clear and  compelling vision of how you want your life to be. Somewhere within the realm of  possibility is a realistic goal that will make things much better for you.

Find that goal, focus on it, refine it, and make it so desirable that you  cannot help but move toward it. Fill your awareness with your vision of a  positive outcome, working enthusiastically and relentlessly to find and follow  the way.

You’ve spent your entire life making things happen. Take control of the  energy of your intention, and get yourself where you choose to be.

— Ralph Marston

The Daily Motivator