Daily Cosmic Calender for July 22nd

As indicated in yesterday’s calendar entry, the Moon in Capricorn is in void mode until 11:08AM PDT this morning when the lunar orb enters airy Aquarius. Nine minutes later (11:17AM PDT), the Full Moon occurs — energizing 0+ degrees of Leo and Aquarius. Because the Full Moon happens at the very beginning of these signs, there will be another Full Moon of Leo-Aquarius on August 20 at 29 degrees of these zodiacal signs.  Before this morning’s Full Moon clocks in, Mars jolts Jupiter by communing with this largest planet in our solar system at 6 degrees of Cancer (12:36AM PDT). Psychic storm warnings are posted all around as the combination of the red planet with the striped, giant planet can equate with a rising tide of emotional moodiness and reckless physical actions. Of course, it is still possible that Mars merging its energy-field with Jupiter can strengthen your courage, leadership skills and athleticism. You should also note that Venus enters earthy Virgo (5:42AM PDT) until August 16 while Ceres forms an off-kilter, 150-degree link to Chiron (5:38AM PDT) and the Sun switches allegiance from Cancer to Leo (8:57AM PDT). Thus, the cosmos is hopping and super-charged in the early going today.  Once the Full Moon is reaching its crescendo (11:17AM PDT), it is wise to meditate in individual or group formation — sending out your healing thoughts and prayers to humanity in need of enlightenment and the struggling kingdoms of nature. Think more about your higher destiny in this lifetime than on fulfilling trivial pursuits. Consider taking part in volunteer efforts in your community or global causes close to your heart and philosophy of life with the Moon now transiting service-oriented Aquarius.