The Witches Spell for Tuesday, January 29th: Spell to Remember Your Past Life

Spell to Remember Your Past Life


What You’ll Need:

a white candle

a glass filled with water and flower petals

a mirror

Place the mirror inside the bowl. Light the candle and place it and the bowl beside your bed. When you are in your meditative state, surrounded by light, Imagine a television. The television should give you the sense of being in front of your physical body, and NOT in your head. If you see the television in your mind’s  eye then you are not doing this technique correctly.

See your life going back, yesterday, last year, your childhood, your birth, the safety of your Mother’s womb, go back further. Don’t think – “Oh what’s before that?” It should come to you naturally, you may be transported to a memory anytime throughout you past life, it may be a mundane moment, it may be something exciting, it may be you sleeping!

If you find yourself implanting details or trying to FILL in the blank (there probably will be some missing details the first time around) STOP and try again. You may want to listen to a past life regression hypnosis or meditation if you find it too  difficult to do on your own.