Wishing You A Very Blessed & Prosperous 2013, Dear Family & Friends!

Good Morning & Happy New Year, family & friends! it is totally unreal how times flies, isn’t it?  Go to bed one night, it is 2012. Wake up the next day, it’s 2013? Makes you wonder how many other lives have you woke up and done the same thing? I was thinking about when all the other Religions were calling for the end of the world. I had lots of humorous thoughts about it. Of course, the mainstream Religious leaders wouldn’t have thought it funny. Go ahead, let the end of the world come. When it is all said and done, “The Pagans shall inherit the Land.” I know you are scratching you head but we reincarnate, see, lol! We would all reincarnate and come back and the world would be ours! Good grief, I sound like a crazy ass witch, sorry about that. My husband got to watching one of preachers on TV (just to make fun of him), he would sit and argue with the man. Then the preacher got on the end of the world. He blew that up so big. And of course, for only $2500 he would send you a survival generator. They were going to need one. Then they would need protection from all us heathens. He recommended all the men learn how to shoot and the women do the same, also take a self defense course. Heathens must be bad folk 🙂 ! But my husband said the man was going to retreat to his underground bunker on the day of the 20th.  Hubby tuned in and sure enough the nut case was gone. And they were telling everybody where Brother what’s-his=face went! Can you imagine that? If I was that man I would never show my face in public again, NEV ER!

You might be wondering why I brought that up. Well our local TV station was asking for what we thought was the best story of the year. I thought that would make the cut but it didn’t. Just goes to show our local station has no taste, lol! Anyway, today is going to be a very laid back day. No, I am not hung over, I don’t touch the stuff. I just stayed up late last night changing the graphics here. I also had to do some shopping for new books of 2013. So I slept in the morning.

I noticed the population button today. I guess the biggest part of our bunch had to work today. Ahhhh, but the world must continue to turn. Remember it is a very laid back day so no telling what might happen, lol!

Wishing You & Yours a Very Prosperous & Blessed 2013,


Lady A




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