Lessons In Magickal Herbal Use (Intro)

Lessons In Magickal Herbal Use

by Leillan

This article was a text file in the library of a local Pagan BBS years ago.


The purpose of these texts are to introduce you to the Magick of herbs. There is so much these plants and flowers can offer. Working with herbs can be as simple or as ritualistic as you want to make it. For example:  as simplistic as selecting a few herbs for a bath sachet and putting them into cheese cloth, a tea ball, or even a coffee filter for use, or as ritualistic as working with certain herbs in Circle for a specific spell or talisman, enchanting each herb and then the entire mixture. Remember, however, that when working with things from the Mother Earth, sometimes “less” is best.

There are no set rules here, save 2:

  • Rule No. 1:  Remember the Law of Three
  • Rule No. 2:  First learn rule Number 1.

I said there were no set rules and there aren’t. But there are some simple hints, as well as etiquette, that you should be aware of before you start with the Magickal Herb lessons. Among these are:

  1. Magick is natural.
  2. Harm no one – not even yourself.
  3. Magick takes work. You get what you put into it.
  4. Magick should not be done for pay.
  5. Don’t haggle over the price of your tools. If you can’t afford them now, then wait until you can afford the price. Haggling lessens the worth of the tools in your work.
  6. Keep your ego in check. Remember, you are only a tool, as well.
  7. Magick is learning. Know not only how, but also why.
  8. Magick should be used for defense only. (The Law of 3 very much applies here.)
  9. Magick is Love!  Do what you do because you love it in your heart.
  10. When you use Magick in anger or hate, you cross the fine line from white to black, and therein lies danger.

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