The Fifth Rede – The Summerland


Upon Earth, I give the knowledge of the spirit eternal; and beyond
death, I give peace and freedom, and reunion with those who have gone
Moondaughter taught that the polarity of Inner Self and Outer Self was also
manifest in the universe as a whole. The Outer Self of the universe is the world
known to materialistic science; its Inner Self is the world we touch through
meditation and ritual. For Moondaughter, however, the Inner World was not just
“in our heads”; it was an objective reality. Incarnate human beings, she taught,
exist simultaneously in both worlds.

Microcosm and Macrocosm

According to Moondaughter, each incarnate human being is a microcosm of the
universe. That part of us which exists in the Outer World dances the cycle of
birth and death, and ultimately returns to the earth — and in this it shares
the basic nature of the Outer World. The spirit, however, shares the nature of
the Inner World, and does not die, but continues to exist in that world.

Moondaughter taught that each of these Inner (spiritual) and Outer (materical)
parts of us itself consists of both an invisible Inner Self and a visible Outer
Self, and in later years I have come to associate what she called the Inner Self
of the material world with the what occultists call the etheric shell, and the
Outer Self of the spirit with the “astral body.” Thus, the mind/body polarity
exists in both worlds, and just as our physical bodies have senses which
perceive the Outer World, so also do our spiritual bodies have senses which
perceive the Inner World.

The Spirit Eternal

Because incarnate humans have these inner senses, we are capable of forming
relationships with disincarnate spirits. Indeed, Moondaughter taught that each
man and woman is constantly in relationship with many such spirits, but that
most human beings are so distracted by the material world that they never notice
the other half of their existence.

Even when unnoticed, however, these relationships affect us. My own experience
of meditation and ritual has confirmed for me that incarnate humans do indeed
interact with disincarnate spirits, and that we can become aware of these
relationships if we make the effort.

The Threefold Law

Moondaughter taught us that during physical life, the Inner Self and Outer Self
exchange elements. The character of our Inner Selves sets its mark upon our
bodies, and the flow of energy from the Inner Self can heal and energize the
physical body. At the same time, the character of our actions sets its mark upon
our Inner Selves, and the flow of energy from our Outer Selves shapes and
nourishes the growth of the spirit.

This I understand to be one of the ways in which the Threefold Law operates: the
character of our actions — helpful or harmful — sends a flow of energy to our
spirits which changes us. Thus any harmful act directly harms the self, in
addition to harming the victim and the universe as a whole.

The Flowering of the Spirit

It is this growth of the spirit, Moondaughter taught us, that determines our
experience of the Summerland. Human beings know joy when they relate to each
other, and to the Lord and Lady, as lover and beloved. Such relationships,
however, are not automatic; we, like the other fruits of the earth, grow to

A human spirit which has grown to be capable of mature love relationships
experiences the universe as a place of joy, but a human spirit which has
cultivated selfishness and exploitation of others lives a joyless, barren

During physical life, one can hide from this joylessness by glutting oneself
with bodily sensations, but not so in the Summerland. According to Moondaughter,
the malleable nature of the Inner World is such that one’s environment changes
in response to one’s thoughts and emotions, so one cannot hide from the
barrenness of one’s own character.

For those who have cultivated in themselves the loving nature of the Lord and
Lady, life in the Summerland is filled with joy. There we are reunited with
those we have loved on earth; there we can live constantly in the presence of
the Lord and Lady; there we can embrace those disincarnate friends who supported
us during our physical lives, and give our support in turn to those who follow
us in the dance of birth and death.


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