Daily Cosmic Calendar for August 14th

Moody vibrations enter the scene fairly early today as the Moon continues its monthly transit through watery, nostalgic Cancer and the Sun makes an abrasive, 135-degree connection with underworld-ruling Pluto (8:42AM PDT). By itself, this is a reminder to hedge your bets as a business entrepreneur or investor.  However, because the Sun will make the same aspect with radical-change agent Uranus tomorrow morning, we have a situation where the solar life-force is about to energize one of the two midpoints in the zodiac that hold Uranus/Pluto vibrations. This means that shocking news, surprises, and deeply transformative energy-dynamics are ready to inundate humanity.  When psychic storm warnings are posted, be receptive and don’t think you are completely immune from physical, emotional and mental exhaustion. Ceres forming a contra-parallel with Pluto (7:58PM PDT) is one more ingredient that can lead to the celestial-seasonings pot boiling over.  Waiting in the wings tomorrow is not only a Sun-Uranus battle, but Venus opposing Pluto and squaring Uranus while Mars and Saturn form their first conjunction since July 31, 2010. Ouch! The fear factor is about to get hot and heavy as Tuesday morphs into Wednesday.