The Witches’ Magickal Thought for Friday, August 10th

Magickal Places – Crossroads

Crossroads are interesting magickal places, for in order to understand their significance and power, you need to get outside of yourself and imagine looking at them from above, as if you are hovering over them in the air. The most magickal crossroads of all are five roads that come together to make a star shape. Admittedly, these are somewhat rare, and if you do find one that is not too heavily trafficked and built up, by all means make use of it.

There is a five-pointed star crossroads near my home here in Italy, made up of unpaved country roads, with an eleventh-century chapel and cemetery on one corner – a very powerful magickal place, indeed for working all kinds of magick.

Simple crossroads, which form a cross, are good places for protective magick.

Always be certain that you can work your spells undisturbed by possibly negative outside influences. To this end, look for very quiet crossroads where few, if any, cars pass, and preferably away from human habitation. Special old or unusually shaped trees, cemeteries, wells, bodies of water, rock formations, or even a statue or monument on one or more of the corners will increase the crossroad’s power.

The meeting of three roads in a T or Y shape is also powerful, as these shapes signify the meeting of male and female energies. All crossroads signify and actually offer, a choice of paths to take and magick worked at the point where various paths of lines intersect will generate energy that goes iin the direction of your chosen path.

Incidentally, crossroads are also the best places to dispose of leftover, used, or finished spell casting or magickally charge objects such as burnt-down candle stubs, used mojo bags, bit of cloth, cords, dried herbs, flowers, berries, and other biodegradable items. You can take these things to a special crossroads at night and bury them, or safely burn them. Any remaining magick powers in them will discharge, becoming available for future use at that same crossroad intersection.

Excerpt from

Llewellyn’s 2012 Magical Almanac

Magical Places

By Suzanne Ress