Your Weekend Lunar Love Horoscopes for June 22 – 24

Your Weekend Lunar Love Horoscope

by Jeff Jawer

No Holds Barred

June 22 – 24

This is a playful weekend when cutting loose and expressing yourself without inhibition can be a lot of fun. The good times start with the Moon shining in outgoing Leo, a dramatic sign that’s all about taking chances. Showing off shouldn’t be frowned upon because everyone deserves his or her moment in the spotlight. Going too far may occasionally be embarrassing, but heart connections come from releasing inhibitions and letting it all hang out.

The sign Leo is associated with the Sun, which aligns favorably with imaginative Neptune on Saturday. Romantic experiences that have no purpose other than mutual pleasure somehow make sense now. Set aside as many tasks as possible so that reality is left behind in the pursuit of a good time.

Sunday’s mood is a different story once the Moon shifts into analytical Virgo. The morning, though, may still be filled with hope and visions of brighter days ahead, yet a more sensitive tone is evident in the late afternoon and evening. The Moon’s stressful square with amorous Venus exposes vulnerabilities and feelings of uncertainty. A simple comment could be interpreted as a major criticism when that wasn’t the intention. Being kinder in what we say and gentler in our approach can reduce the likelihood of hurt feelings or wounded hearts.