Fast Luck Compound X 149
Orr]s Root 1/2 Ounce
Sandalwood 1/2 Ounce
Talcum P]ain 2 Ounce
Color to suit — Yellow


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    1. These recipes come from an Ancient Book of Formulas by Lewis De Claremont . In which there are keys used in certain incense recipes, that is what x149 is, a key to another part of the book. I went to the x149 and it said this, “Fast Luck Powder Compound x149 (for Fast Luck Incense and Oil, see compound x135). After reading this, I went to x135. It said, “Fast Luck Oil Compound x135 (Maybe a typo for Compound x149).” The Book of Formulas have been translated by several different people. Whether they knew what they were translating or not, is another question. All the translations I have seen have been coded like this, I honestly believe it was to confuse the average person who might have been reading something they weren’t suppose too. It keeps them hopping from one formula to the next, but the time it is all said and done, they don’t know what they have read.

      Here is a simpler recipe:
      Use equal part of Patchouli
      And add a powdered dollar bill to the mix to add the color green that is needed in this formula.

      I hope I have answered your question for you. Have anymore, just give me a holler.
      Lady A

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      1. What do you do with the powder when made I heard of sprinkling it in a room ECT so what specifically


      2. When I think of the Fast Luck Powder, I think of it being used for gamblers. They put the powder in a mojo bag they carry with them when they want to be lucky at the games of chance. Since you are wanting to sprinkle it around a room, I am assuming you are not a gambler. As with any powder a witch makes it can be used anyway she choose too. If you are having bad luck in your home, I would advice you to wait till the next Full Moon (July 19) and sprinkle it around your entire house. Then when you are finished outside, get every room in your house. If you need the luck now, you don’t have to wait till the Full Moon. That phase of the Moon would just make the powder more powerful. But you make the powder, you determine how it is used. Again, don’t limit the use of the powder to one room, get the entire house.
        Lady A


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