May 24 – Daily Feast

May 24 – Daily Feast

A thick layer of doubt like fog across the hilltops, can shut out the light. Without light, we are depleted of energy and vitality – and eventually hope. An elderly Cherokee woman said, “It is true that the Cherokee suffered when their houses and gardens and very way of life were taken from them. We loved the land and trees and treated them as family. It was not the Great Holy Spirit that caused it. It was the a s ga na (wickedness) of the world.” It seems that no good time exists when we can despair. The Cherokees still dance – but to the Great Spirit in gratitude, the way David danced before the Lord. And it is high time we shout and clap our hands right in the face of trouble.

~ You have said to me….that I could send out a voice four times….and you could hear me. Today I send a voice for a people in despair. ~


‘A Cherokee Feast of Days’, by Joyce Sequichie Hifler