Precious Pup of the Day for Monday, May 21

Name: Nala
Age: Two months old
Gender: Female Breed: Golden Retriever, Labrador Retriever
Home: Seven Fields, Pennsylvania, USA
Nala is absolutely full of energy and is mischievous but she is such a loving dog that loves kisses, hugs, laps and to be held. She already sleeps great at night and is a hit with the neighborhood kids and dogs. We can’t wait to see what she turns into. Right now it looks to be more lab but only time will tell. But we do know that she will provide lots of love and fun to this family for many years.

Nala is a Golden Retriever mix. Her dad was pure bred Golden and her mom was half Golden Retriever and half Black Lab. We lost our fourteen-year-old Golden Retriever about two months ago and Nala lovingly fills that void. She is incredibly intelligent. In just four days of having her home with us she learned numerous words including: home, inside, outside, sit, bedtime, our “potty words” and the obvious “no“.

She is potty training great and now goes to the door and whines but we have to move fast! She does great in her crate with little complaint and has slept through the night since the first day we got her. She listens to and watches everything from the lawnmower to a someone sawing. She doesn’t always like these new things but watches intently to try and figure them out.

She has many favorite toys but especially loves my kids old Webkinz animals. Perfect for her size and little teeth for now. She loves kids with no hesitation. She is more apprehensive with big people but warms up within seconds. We love her very much!