Daily Chinese Horoscopes for Monday, May 21

Daily Chinese Horoscopes for May 21


A family vacation or get-together could be interrupted or rescheduled at the last minute. There are likely to be a lot of phone calls from frantic but somewhat unfocused loved ones who are begging for your help to sort out some problem that is much less of a drama than they make it out to be.


You have some feelings of insecurity or anxiety today and you don’t know where they are coming from. Listen to your instincts, but don’t act on them without checking the facts and background, especially if your pocketbook is involved. You are likely to over-spend today.


The battle of the sexes is on big-time today as power struggles light up your house of committed partnerships. If you are married it may be one of those days you can do nothing right. If you are single, you could find yourself dealing with someone who is impossible to please.


Someone is going to sit you down today and say that if you don’t make some serious changes you are looking at some health risks. You likely are trying to help out a loved one or family member while you neglect your own well-being. They may decide to turn the tables on you.


You need more “playtime” than you are getting. Even something simple, like a movie, or a new game for your television game station or your computer would help you break up the monotony right now, and give you a way to work off some of the stress of your daily life.


This is not an auspicious time to start a new home-based business. You will find that zoning or other regulations could prove to be a hassle if not a nightmare. You have other financial opportunities, related to your work, most likely, that are much better in the short run.


You may have to cancel a trip at the last minute today due to circumstances beyond your control. You may be able to work out a new schedule with the help of an older woman who is a lot more knowledgeable and experienced in the area of travel, research or education.


You may be considering ending a friendship because there is a sudden and dramatic difference between financial resources. This is not about snobbery, it is about more practical matters. One or the other party simply cannot afford the treats and recreation the other now takes for granted.


Don’t let a family member make your mind for you on an important decision about your work or career choices. If you are not clear on what you really want, you will only end up facing the same issues all over again. Talk it over – but make up your own mind in the end.


You may have some confusing experiences while meditating or during prayer today. Your spiritual energies are still at a peak, but the psychic insight you count on may not be totally reliable. You could get confusing and conflicting impressions.


You may have to make an adjustment in an important friendship soon because of a misunderstanding, because of a friend’s health concerns, or concerns about children could come between you and a friend or coworker. Use your creativity to come to a solution.


You will have an opportunity in disguise that forces you to confront some issues involving your work, career, business or social future. You may be able to turn a sudden setback onto an opportunity for career or social advancement. You need to stick up for yourself.


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