Your Daily Chinese Zodiac Horoscopes for May 16th


If you and your significant other have needed to talk, this is the day you can make some major breakthroughs. All of a sudden the clam breaks open and no-one seems able to shut either of you up! Stop long enough to listen to each other, it will count.


Your workplace is about to change due to changing needs in your family or at home. You will have an opportunity to improve your personal and financial security in the long run, though it may mean some risks, short-term changes, or sacrifices right now.


No matter what ails you, a little bit of brisk fresh air and exercise will help clear your head. Avoid high-impact and extreme sports, though. This will be one of those days if you have a parent who is urging you to add a new branch to the family tree.


Trust your intuition. You will have a insight into a relative’s behavior and attitudes, and that will help you connect with them in a more healthy and positive way going forward. Listen carefully, because you will learn something important.


You may have interesting and unusual telephone calls and emails today. Someone could send you a hot invitation to a big party where there could be romantic opportunities, especially if you are single. If you are married, bring your significant other along, they need a break!


Get ready for financial breakthroughs. If you have been looking for work, sharpen your pencil, dust off that resume, put on your best duds and hit the pavement. Today could be your lucky day. If you are employed look for a bonus, promotion or raise in the near future.


Today is all about you, and you will be alternatively patting yourself on the back, then beating yourself up. Both extremes are not good for your self-esteem. Just remember that you are a human being, regardless of whether you are winning or losing the game from one moment to the next.


Your personal growth has reached a flat spot and you feel you need to find a leader or teacher. But are you sure that is really what you need? Maybe what you really need is to accept where you are at, and believe in who you are and what you know.


A friend or companion has decided that your unsolicited advice or feedback has merit after all, and they will be expressing their appreciation together with some sheepish apologies most likely. Do your best to be gracious and understanding, it’s not easy to admit you’re wrong.


Three solid days of positive energy have you full to nearly bursting with good will for your fellow man. You may find yourself invited to a number of social occasions, parties, or gatherings that feature large numbers of people and great opportunity for making new friends.


You may have an unusual opportunity to travel with or study with your significant other. Today is all about shared interests. If you want to stir your partner’s passions, bring home a good book or some tickets to that special seminar they wanted to attend.


You will be thinking about redecorating, or tearing down part of your home to make way for some big changes today. You need to think big, but your loved ones could be threatened by any changes that you make, especially if you don’t include them in the planning stages.