‘THINK on THESE THINGS’ for April 27th

By Joyce Sequichie Hifler

America’s art critic Henry Theodore Tuckerman believed the hand to be the mind’s own perfect subject. As physical labor shows in a man’s hands, so does illness, or greediness, or strength.

No other part of the body so expresses human behavior. With our hands we work, play, communicate, love, and express our fear, joy, and grief. These beautifully sensitive symbols of faith, love, and friendship are the hands of time that never stand still. They clasp to us the things we love, the books we read, the seeds we plant, the stitches we sew, and the civilization we build.

This marvelously made human hand, directed by the mind’s eye, the mind’s ear, and the heart’s desires, works every waking moment to express its owner’s life.

The gentle touch, so closely linked with our emotions, can also be the unmistakable expression of strength and honesty. And the most beautiful of all, the praying hands, for surely they are conscious only of God.


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