Precious Pup of the Day for April 10

Snicker Doodle, the Dog of the Day
Name: Snicker Doodle
Age: One and a half years old
Gender: Female Breed: Shih Tzu
Home: Boardman, Ohio, USA
This is Snicker Doodle. She goes by Snicks, Snickers and Doodle bug. Snicks is unique in that she uses her little paws like hands. When playing she will grab onto your arm or hand and hold on. She also loves her babies. Snickers has a big basket of toys and when you say “where’s your baby?” she looks around and find a stuffed animal. Snicks also makes this noise like a raccoon, its a gurgling high pitched growl and we have never heard another dog do this. And if you start howling, she will howl right back.

Snicker Doodle is our second Shih Tzu. Marshmallow Cream Puff, our first, is the black and white one. Marsh is not an outdoorsy type of dog but Snickers loves to sit outside in the snow, rain or sunshine. She will sit in the backyard and face the sun and let the wind blow towards her. She especially loves the snow, burying her face in it and running.

On her collar we put a little bell so where she was as a puppy we could find her. We never took the bell off so when we hear the jingling we know her cute little face is going to pop up around the corner.

Snicks is the most love-able and unique dog we have ever seen or owned. Her personality is truly one of a kind.

Snicker Doodle, the Dog of the Day
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