Ring Divination {Chaste Moon Spell}

Ring Divination

{Chaste Moon Spell}

This divination method is a variation of dactylomancy, which is an ancient form of divination that used rings. One method places gold or silver rings on the fingernails in ways that reflect the conjunctions of the planets. Another method involves using a wedding ring by either hanging it on a string like a pendulum or casting it in a bowl of water where the bottom has been mapped out so that where the ring lands determines its meaning in term of the divination.

You will need a ring that you wear around your finger for the spell. As you are getting ready to go to sleep, determine the aspect of your life that you want to address in the moon ring divination. It can either be a specific question or an area where you need insights as to what’s happening.

Drifting to sleep, twist the ring clockwise on your finger nine times while saying:

Ring around the moon

Circling stars through the sky

I’ll be dreaming soon

Asking this question why (ask your question).

Imagine your ring twirling around a giant image of the moon floating high in the sky. As the ring revolves around and around, you imagine stars within the ring sparkling like the off and on twinkle of lights that are continually changing color and intensity. Peer deep within the milky white orb of the moon, and begin your journey toward illuminating this aspect of your life. Write down all the impressions you receive.


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