Before I get started today, I have something personal to share….

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Good Morning/Afternoon or whatever it is? I absolutely hate time change. I got tickled I stuck up the post yesterday reminding everyone to change their clocks and guess who didn’t? Yeap, me! So I am totally screwed up today. Please have extreme patience with me, I beg you, on bended knee, enough or do I need to go on, lol!

I forewarned you that this was going to be a personal post, so if you want to skip over it, you can do so now……..

For all the other’s that stuck around, I love ya’. Most of you know that I am a Hereditary. I have had the opportunity to practice all types of magick and also walk several different Paths. I guess after a while I have begun to think I have my act together. Then something out of the blue catches me and I absolutely loss it. When I loss it, I do not do good magick. The magick I produce is magick that comes from angry and hatred that spontaneously combusts. You think you have your inner magick harnessed and under control but these things can happen to the best of us. Let me fill you in…..

It was last night, I got into a very heated argument with a neighbor. The neighbor made a nasty comment about my helping the local vets care for wild animals in the area. She had even made a comment about me taking one of these wild animals as my own. She told me she knew that I had an affection for wild animals and some I did keep. That’s a lie, I have only kept one and that one was Razzy. She informed me that Mocha (my 15 year companion) was a wolf. Then the bitch even when on to say Razzy was a bobcat (tell me something I didn’t know). She made the comment that started the whole “push over the edge me.” Razzy came from a set of three kittens. Two of those kittens just vanished. I knew what had happened to them but I can’t go to the sheriff and tell them how I know and expect them to believe me. After I told the woman last night, I knew what had happened to the kittens. She admitted they had come over here and got them. She said she got them because they knew what kind of cats they were. After that I got totally angry with the woman and told her a thing or two about staying off my property. I also told her if she ever set foot back over her she would live to regret, I promised her that. I meant it. As the bitch was walking away, she hollered, “Oh, yeah, there is a bobcat just roaming all around. Wouldn’t it be ashamed if it got shot?” I cursed the woman on the spot. (Temper, temper, temper). I came into the house and told my husband about the conversation. While I was talking to him, I heard about 5 gun shots. The darkest feeling came over me. My heart got so heavy and it sank to my stomach. I went to the kitchen and fell to my knees. I knew what had just happened, her husband had shot that bobcat. The rage built-in me so quick, the power was there before I knew. My mind just went. I left this plane and was traveling down a cosmic wormhole. The colors, the speed, I could see the end of the hole, there was nothing but starry sky. I bursted out of the wormhole and with me came a indescribable force of energy. I could see it surrounding me.  It was just a straight, focused surge of energy. Then it was gone. I felt so relieved. I just wanted to drift in the stars. My husband was shaking me and calling me by name. “Good Goddess, what happened to you?” he asked. I slowly came too. I asked him what he was talking about. He told me I was sitting up in a fetus position and light was coming from my stomach area. He told me that I had scared him half to death. Then he heard one explosion after another coming from the neighbors. He said all of the outside lights started bursting one right after another. The garage, the security light, the landscaping lights, the house lights, the porch lights. He said it looked like an energy field had just come over their house and was blowing anything electric. Then he saw me on the floor still out of this world, shaking, the light glowing stronger now, he knew what was happening. That is when he started shaking me. After I grounded, I told him what I had experienced. I told him I had felt it in my heart that nature had lost one of it most divine creatures. I couldn’t take it. It was too much. I went into a rage. The energy just came and I sent it. Am I ashamed of what I did, no. The man had no respect for nature and all of it creatures. He needed to be taught a lesson. But it wasn’t my place to do so. But I realize to raise that type of energy, I had help. So I figure what I did wasn’t all wrong. Today, I am totally wiped out. I just feel very relaxed and totally at peace. Strange isn’t it? How such a violent outburst such as that can leave a person feeling this way.

You might wonder why I am sharing this with you. Several reasons: One, even the Seasoned of us can lose control. We think we have that inner power harnessed  and can wield it at our command. 99% of the time we can. But there is that dangerous 1%. That 1% is just sitting there waiting to be triggered. Most of the times, something you feel very passionate about, a true love, a deep connection with something or someone, a death, something traumatic can trigger it. Last night, it was my deep connection with all the wild creatures of nature and one’s death that triggered mine. That 1% of energy is there, waiting so be aware of it. Second, things happen that sometimes we can’t control or perhaps we can but we don’t want too. Should we feel guilty about what we have done? Is it wrong to go with that sudden impulse? These are questions you will have to ask yourself. I can’t answer them for you. But I do have to answer for myself. My answer to both of these are NO.

There comes a time in every witch’s life were you will have to make choices. You will be put in circumstances, you never believed possible. You will face experiences, that you never dreamed possible. This is the way of the Path we have chosen to walk. We are the chosen. We are suppose to help mankind and their betterment of their lives. Perhaps I did better that man’s life. Perhaps he woke up with a horrible guilty in the pit of his stomach for what he had done. I don’t know but maybe. But as a witch, you will run into these situation, be put in strange circumstances, you must be prepared for whatever is to come your way. You must be able to live with the result of your actions you take.  The Path won’t always be rosy but it will be a Path that only the few and select are honored enough to walk.

May the Goddess Always Guide Your Path,

Lady A


2 thoughts on “Before I get started today, I have something personal to share….

  1. Lady of the Abyss,
    Thank you so much for sharing your personal, very heartfelt story … I was deeply touched, and found myself feeling an emotional ride as I read your story. I have a strong connection to nature as well, one of my fav’s was Rocky the raccoon, and I just can’t understand the disrespect nature suffers because of a species that should help protect, respect, and participate in nature’s continually progress, not cause pain, loss, and death. I am sorry that you had to experience such grief and pain. And as far as your energy for today … when we use all of our ‘tappable’ energy, we are drained of that energy, and have to slowly build it back up again. Tomorrow you should feel better than today. A Goddess blessing I will pray for you. Minquepaw


    1. Thank you, Minquepaw. I do feel much better today. In fact, I have been outside since 6:30 this morning. I have been trimming the shrubs and doing general spring maintenance. I woke up with energy flowing out of me. I don’t like to get that upset. I don’t get angry, I go into a rage. I know you read were I assist the local vets with rehabing wild animals. I get highly upset to think that I nurse them back to health and some idoit like him would shoot one of them. My husband and I took a couple of bobcats last fall and released them way out in the game reserve. I thought of them when I heard him shooting.

      My neighbor and I got out and looked all over to see if we could see any wounded animal. We even looked for signs of one being shot and we couldn’t find anything. I don’t know what the guy’s point was but I think he got my point loud and clear. They live close enough I am sure they have seen me doing my rituals and house blessings. They either know I am a witch or else they think I am awful darn strange. So I would imagine they knew what caused all their lights to blow. If it teaches him to respect animals and life, it was well worth it.

      I appreciate your comment. It is wonderful to meet someone with the same appreciation for all nature’s creatures.

      Blessings to you, dear sister,
      Lady A


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