Simple Exercise to Familiarize Yourself with the Elements

Simple Exercise to Familiarize Yourself with the Elements

To better feel and understand how these elements affect us, do this simple exercise:

Collect four items, one to represent each element and locate a compass. Weather permitting, find a spot outside – if not indoors will do.

Choose a spot where you will not be disturbed. Have your journal and something to write with.

Find north on the compass…and face that direction. If you are seated in a chair, move to face that direction.

First close your eyes and gather impressions about the compass point. After a few minutes, write down your impressions.

Now, hold the element you chose for Earth and the North, and close your eyes. Open your mind and feel the impressions of this element and how it relates to compass point. Think about how it corresponds to you and the Universe.

When you have finished write down your thoughts.

Continue through each element, facing the compass point that corresponds to the element…and finish by writing your feelings and thoughts on each one.

With the element of Spirit – focus on a golden light coming down from the heavens and filling you to the brim. When you have completed this, write down again, your thought and feelings.

Compare your notes with the properties of those elements described above. Were you connected to one or more of them? Did you feel more power in one direction? This will help you become attuned and more apart of the universe  you are apart of. Do this as a meditation every now and then also; to remind yourself to simplify.



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Kelli James Klymenko