New Moon Report for February 21 – New Moon in Pisces

New Moon Report for February 21

by Jeff Jawer


New Moon in Pisces

Tuesday, February 21, 2:35 pm PST, 5:35 pm EST

Every New Moon in Pisces is an invitation to dive into an ocean of emotion. This boundless sea of feelings can inspire our dreams or flood us with confusion. Idealistic Neptune’s conjunction to this spiritual lunation brings us even closer to a cosmic sense of unity that stirs religious fervor and enhances imagination. Boundaries melt away to deepen our connections with one another and with nature, spurring compassion, hope, faith and charity.

The Pisces New Moon is like a warm bath that drains our worries away. It soothes the pains of isolation and disappointment by floating us above the complexities of daily life. Taking breaks from routine activities to nourish the soul with sweet music, tender touches and spiritual reflection restores hope and rewards us with a greater awareness of our divinity.


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