Calendar of the Sun for February 20th

Calendar of the Sun
20 Solmonath

Day of Tacita

Color: White
Element: Earth
Altar: On a white cloth lay a single lit white candle and a bell.
Offering: From the moment of Auge until Hesperis, there is to be a rule of silence in the building. The sole exception is the reading of the invocation. After the Hesperis ritual, silence resumes until the following morning.
Daily Meal: Soft food that does not make crunching noise, such as soups or cooked grains.

Tacita Invocation

Goddess of Silence,
You whose stop the tongue
Before it can speak harm,
Before it can speak lies,
Before it can gossip,
And finally
Before it can say anything
That is not necessary,
Teach us about the still spaces
Between ourselves and each other
Between ourselves and our path
Between ourselves and the Gods.

(The person doing the invocation then rings the bell, and from that moment on, silence reigns again. All sit in meditation about the altar for a time, and each may leave quietly when it seems right.)