Your Lunar Love Horoscope Overview for Jan. 6 – 8

Weekend Love: Lunar Love

by Jeff Jawer

Emotional Eruptions

January 6 – 8

Friday is fun and flirtatious with the Moon hanging out in chatty Gemini, making it easy to start conversations on virtually any subject with just about anyone. Minds are easily stimulated and curiosity about everything tempts us to gossip about others. But the heady side of this Air sign is augmented with physicality and a strong taste for pleasure when lunar connections with romantic Venus and passionate Mars spice up the evening with a lust for life and a hunger for love. Playful and provocative games can entertain those looking for diversion and inspire Eros for people lucky enough to have willing partners.

Emotions become even more powerful on Saturday with the Moon’s shift into watery Cancer. Yet the safety usually sought in this security-oriented sign is shaken by eruptions of unexpected events and volatile feelings. Rebellious Uranus springs surprises and reflects rapidly changing moods that can destabilize evening plans. Flexibility helps to keep the lid on the intensity, which is important with a supersensitive Cancer Full Moon occurring late Sunday night. This emotional lunation opposes powerful Pluto which could push people to extremes, taking relationships to critical points that may bring breakthroughs for some or cause breakdowns for others.